The new year gift from the bank

The new year gift from the bank

At the end of each year, Far Eastern International Bank (FEIB) gives out a calendar that is filled with pictures representing Taiwan’s rich culture.  Customers are always pleasantly surprised with the effort that is put into making this calendar, which will accompany them through the new year.

FEIB President Eli Hong sees the calendar as a communication tool for creating a positive image for the bank. “Effort and creativity are key to aesthetic production,” Mr. Hong strongly believes. In 2005, 921 Rebuilding School Beauty was the first print to represent the style of the FEIB calendar. The calendar showed the winners of the 921 School Rebuilding Award, and many customers were moved by the calendar’s images.

The 2006 calendar cleverly combined the painting, “Along the River During the Qingming Festival” with paper-cutting art to create a mixed visual effect. “Along the River During the Qingming Festival” is an intricate painting from the imperial Chinese court, while paper-cutting is an art that belongs to the people. With this meeting of imperial and civilian art, the painting displayed a humble style similar to woodcarving. This calendar also has a clever design: besides its use of gold, silver, purple, and blue to represent the four seasons, the calendar itself can be used for a paper-cutting project. When the pages are torn off the calendar, they become a do-it-yourself (DIY) project which parents can work on with children to experience the fun of paper-cutting. People who appreciate cultural art can connect all 12 monthly calendars to put together a complete “Along the River during the Qingming Festival” print. 

The theme of the 2007 calendar was ‘Chinese Calligraphy’. It reproduced the works of 12 well-known calligraphers through the Dynasty era. In respect of intellectual property rights, FEIB communicated with the National Palace Museum, Shenyang Museum in China, and the Japan Calligraphy Museum numerous times to get authorization to reproduce the best calligraphy. The 2008 calendar is filled with love for the Island of Formosa. The theme is ‘Grandparents’ Childhood Fun.’ The front features award-winning drawings from the country’s best child artists, and the back has old newspaper clippings related to the theme. It is filled with memories of old times.

With its sponsorship of Cirque du Soleil in 2009, FEIB obtained authorization from the Canadian entertainment company’s headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, Canada to use Alegria, one of their productions, as the calendar theme. The rich and colorful visuals certainly were impressive for Cirque Du Soleil describes its productions as a "dramatic mix of circus arts and street entertainment.”

Everyone is always excitedly anticipating what kind of surprises Far Eastern International Bank’s calendars will hold!

The calendar Theme of Recent Years

2023 - An Environmental Friendly Travel with Bicycle
2022 - Taiwan Art Museum Tour
2021 - Taiwan Road Travel
2018 - The Modern Libraries in Taiwan (Chinese)
2017 - The Key Independent Bookstores in Taiwan (Chinese)
2016 - The Renovated Old Buildings in Taiwan (Chinese)
2015 - The Painting Competition of Aboriginal Children (Chinese)
2014 - Taiwan's Mountain and Sea (Chinese)
2013 - The Potential Sites of World Heritage Class in Taiwan (Chinese)
2012 - Taiwan Old Maps (Chinese)
2011 - Formosa Historical Images (Chinese)

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