FEIB's Calendar Goes Deep into the Beautiful Corners of Taiwan

FEIB's Calendar Goes Deep into the Beautiful Corners of Taiwan

It's delightful to hear that Far Eastern International Bank (FEIB) has chosen a theme focused on "An Environmental Friendly Travel with Bicycle" for its 2024 calendar. Promoting environmentally friendly practices, such as cycling, not only encourages a healthy lifestyle but also emphasizes the importance of sustainable and eco-friendly transportation. Exploring different cities, towns, mountains, countryside, seasides, and riversides through bicycle lanes is a wonderful way to showcase the diverse landscapes of Taiwan. 

President Thomas Chou's emphasis on bicycles as a low-carbon means of transportation aligns with the global efforts to address climate risks. In a world where industries, governments, and academia collaborate to mitigate environmental challenges, promoting themes like bicycle lanes reflects a commitment to sustainable practices. The idea of moving forward in harmony with nature and anticipating a better future resonates with the broader narrative of environmental consciousness and responsible living. 

The 12 dedicated bicycle lanes featured in FEIB's 2024 calendar present a diverse range of scenic spots and highlights. These routes showcase the beauty and variety of Taiwan's landscapes, combining natural splendor, historical significance, and cultural richness. From the Taitung Guanshan Town Bicycle Circle Path, the pioneer of dedicated bicycle lanes in Taiwan, to the refreshing experience of the Shuangwan Bicycle Path with the Pacific Ocean breeze, and the transformation of century-old railways into scenic routes like the Houfeng Railway Bike Lane and Jiayou Railway Bike Lane—each lane offers a unique perspective on Taiwan's beauty. The inclusion of trails like the Sun Moon Lake Bicycle Trail, Changhua Ershui Bicycle Trail, and Old Caoling Bike Trail adds further richness to the exploration of Taiwan's cultural and natural treasures.

Thomas emphasizes the unique experiential value of cycling as a means of travel. Exploring the mountains and seas, accompanied by the countryside, and absorbing the joyful atmosphere of Taiwan while pedaling, cyclists not only witness the natural beauty but also engage with the warmth of the Taiwanese people. This experiential aspect of cycling, with its rotating wheels, offers a distinctive and immersive way to appreciate the diverse landscapes and cultural richness of Taiwan.

The "An Environmental Friendly Travel with Bicycle" calendar not only showcases scenic bike lanes but also features bank colleagues, including Zeng Meiyun, Liu Zixiang, and Wang Yixuan, as spokespersons. These individuals, representing different generations, departments, and genders, share their post-work cycling experiences to promote the health benefits and exploration joys of cycling on the island. Their diverse experiences, including completing the "One Day Bike from Taipei to Kaohsiung" challenge, contribute to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Wang Yixuan is set to take on the "Taiwan KOM Cycling Mountain King Challenge" as a new year's challenge in 2024. 

FEIB President Thomas Chou (Second from the left) jointly presents the New Year Calendar with the bank employees. Photo Credit: FEIB

It's commendable that FEIB is recognized as a healthy workplace and sports enterprise, receiving certifications from government agencies such as the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Ministry of Education. Organizing activities like fun rides, fun runs, and mountain check-ins with subsidies or prize competitions is a great initiative to promote a sports culture among company colleagues. Encouraging physical activity not only contributes to the health and well-being of employees but also fosters a positive and vibrant workplace atmosphere. 

FEIB's initiative to issue wall calendars with a bicycle lane theme is not only a practical and useful service for stores, companies, senior citizens, and paper enthusiasts but also a creative way to engage with customers and promote awareness about environmental sustainability. Incorporating a "Carbon Knowledge" column in the calendar, explaining terms related to carbon reduction, and raising awareness about global Net-Zero goals are commendable efforts. It reflects a commitment to not only providing a useful product but also contributing to environmental education and awareness. 

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