Cement and Building Materials


Cement and Building Materials

Cement and building materials are the key elements for industrial construction and an indicator of economic prosperity. How to take care of the environment, conserve energy, reduce our carbon footprint and increase added value is the goal FEG is striving for.

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Asia Cement Corporation

Building a Sustainable Green Home

ACC runs a comprehensive manufacturing and delivery cement network spanning across Taiwan and Mainland China. Its heritage brand “Skyscraper” with smart production and management systems provides its decisive edge in quality and reputation. Its 41 million tons of cement capacity affirms ACC Group as the top 10 cement conglomerate in China.

Setting the New Standard for Concrete Quality

Ya Tung Ready-Mixed Concrete Corporation

Setting the New Standard for Concrete Quality

Aims to be the leading provider of high-end concrete products, Ya Tung Ready-Mix develops high-end products and raw materials with green production concept with intelligent management mode and moves forward steadily.


Yuan Long Stainless Steel Corporation

First Class Professional Stainless Steel Provider

Located at Kaohsiung City, YLSS manufactures BA glossy stainless steel product with annual capacity of 130,000 tons. The Company owns a solid sales team and do business with customers over 40 countries globally.


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  • 83% of Indigenous community votes for extension of Asia Cement's mining rights in Hualien

  • Sichuan Yadong Cement Co., Ltd. constructed and began operations with a 12.58 kilometer-long belt conveyor which can carry 1,500 tons of limestone per hour.

  • The No. 1 kiln of Hubei Yadong Cement Co., Ltd began operation, with an annual yield of two million tons of cement.

  • The No. 2 kiln of Sichuan Yadong Cement Co., Ltd. commenced operations, with an annual yield of two million tons of cement.

  • YangZhou Yadong Cement Co., Ltd. officially put into operation.

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