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Asia Cement (China) Holdings Corporation

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Asia Cement (China) Holdings Corporation

Continue to pursue high quality, high efficiency, high environmental protection, low cost and innovative products to become the role model of the cement industry.


ACC has a long history in cement production business with the label of “Skyscraper” and runs a comprehensive manufacturing and delivery network spanning across Taiwan and Mainland China. The combined annual capacity becomes the top 10 players in the cement industry in the China-Taiwan market.

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Since Jiangxi Ya Dong Cement’s first cement production line with daily output of 5,000 tonnes of clinker began operation in July 2000, nine production lines of the same model had been constructed by the Company and began operation in Jiujiang in Jiangxi, Chengdu in Sichuan, Wuhan and Huanggang in Hubei and other regions in China. In October 2013 and January 2014, two new cement production lines with daily output of 6,000 tonnes of clinker of Jiangxi Ya Dong began operation. As a result of the aforementioned production lines together with Wuhan Yaxin Cement acquired in 2010 and Sichuan Lanfeng Cement acquired in 2014, the Company has a total of 15 new dry-process cement production lines currently in operation with an annual output of 35 million tonnes of cement.

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The Best Investor Relations Award

ACCC has won the award of “Best in Materials Sector in Greater China" given by IR magazine, the authoritative media of global investor relations. ACCC is also the only cement company in Greater China won this award.

Promotion of Waste Free Cities

ACCC has been working in the field of green transformation for many years, and actively building up green mines and its ready mixed concrete products are certified as green building materials. It will reshape the relationship between industry and city through the development of green production and become an important force to promote waste free cities.


同舟共濟  協助抗疫

Assistance in Fighting COVID-19

After Ruichang City of Jiangxi Province launched the COVID-19 emergency management for the city wide control, Jiangxi Yadong Cement immediately dispatched 8 volunteers, 2 official vehicles and 2 water sweepers to support the anti epidemic, donated about 100,000 RMBworth of anti epidemic materials


Corporate Social Responsibilities

ACCC aims to be the first choice partner for building sustainable green home.


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