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Yatung Ready-Mixed Concrete Corp. was formerly a business division of Asia Cement Corporation but with the growth of the ready mixed concrete industry in Taiwan, Ya Tung Ready Mixed was founded in August 1999 and has been continuously growing in size since then and ever expanding its service network.

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取得BSI認證  邁開碳中和第一步

Ya Tung ready mixed has obtained 3 BSI certifications

Ya Tung ready mixed was verified by British Standards Institution (BSI) and obtained 3 certificates of ISO 14064 (greenhouse gas emission), ISO 14067 (carbon footprint) and ISO 14046 (water footprint). It was not easy for a company to obtain 3 ISO verifications in one year. It not only established the baseline foundation, but also had a clear plan on how to reduce carbon in the future. Ya Tung ready mixed shall lead the industry, reaching the ultimate goal of carbon neutrality in full speed.



Ya Tung Ready Mixed held a seminar on

Ya Tung ready mixed authorizes its AMS rapid sand and stone screening test method to the Taiwan ready mix industry for free. This did not only establish a prevention mechanism, but also provided consumers with reassuring housing.


與東聯聯手 打造低碳產業鏈

OUCC and Ya Tung Ready Mixed join hands to build a low carbon industrial chain

The concrete produced by Ya Tung Ready Mixed need an additive generating from HPEG monomer reaction and OUCC is the sole producer in Taiwan. These two companies then decided to jointly develop chemical agents and vertically integrate the industrial chain.



Ya Tung Ready-Mixed Technology Research Center is recognized by the visitors from University.

Ya Tung Ready-Mixed in 2017 has set up the first concrete technology research and development center in Taiwan. It has invested tens of millions of dollars to introduce precision instruments, specializing in raw material quality control and high-end product research and development. Over the past two years, it has received more than 1000 guests.


Corporate Social Responsibilities

The CSR actions and promises of Ya Tung Ready Mixed can be found in Asia Cement Sustainability Report.

ACC Sustainability Report

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