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Continue to pursue high quality, high efficiency, high environmental protection, low cost and innovative products to become the role model of the cement industry.


ACC has a long history in cement production business with the label of “Skyscraper” and runs a comprehensive manufacturing and delivery network spanning across Taiwan and Mainland China. The combined annual capacity becomes the top 10 players in the cement industry in the China-Taiwan market.

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Responding to the Taiwan government’s second four-year economic development plan, ACC was established in 1957. It built its first plant in Hsinchu County in Taiwan. In 1973, in response to the government’s call to develop eastern Taiwan, the company established a second plant in Hualien County.
ACC stock was officially listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in 1962. It was the first company in the Far Eastern Group to go public. It was one of the first companies in Taiwan to publish an annual financial report for shareholders.

History about ACC

Transform to Net Zero before 2050

ACC passed a very strict verification by SBTi in March of 2021, and became the 4th cement company globally in completing the setting of carbon reduction target and responding to the control of global climate temperature below 2ºC (well-below).

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100% in Sustainable Mining Mountain Indexes

ACC imposed to itself a strict request by setting stringent sustainable mining mountain indexes. A total of 8 disclosure items and 12 key sustainability performance indexes, plus three disciplines (law, external and internal disciplines) were used for the self-evaluation of the Company.

Mining and Biodiversity


Local Community Grants the Mining Right

ACC kicked off intensive negotiations with the indigenous residents in the township with sincere attitudes.  Indigenous community in Hualien voted overwhelmingly in favor of extending the mining rights of ACC in the county's Xincheng Township.



ACC Ecological Park

The Park is right across the Hualien plant, occupying areas over one hectare with 250 species of Taiwan native plants and more than 10 species of stick insects. The park even restores 35 species of butterflies, including the national tertiary protection butterfly "Papilio".

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Corporate Social Responsibilities

ACC aims to be the first choice partner for building sustainable green home.

ACC Sustainability Report

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