Enlightens minds and improves living standards for people in Taiwan.

Enlightens minds and improves living standards for people in Taiwan.

Far Eastern Group puts great effort into searching for the wellsprings of Taiwan culture, carving out new channels for creative energy to flow. By supporting the arts, FEG has been able to heighten the cultural awareness of its people. In 1995, Far Eastern Group Chairman Douglas Tong Hsu, an avid supporter of the arts as Vice Chairman of International Affairs for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, established the Sino-American Asian Cultural Foundation Taiwan, affiliated with the Asian Cultural Council founded by John D. Rockefeller III. Established in partnership with Taiwanese entrepreneurs, it is the largest privately owned platform for cultural exchange between America and Asia. Giving artists the means to more easily advance their studies and creative work in the early stages of artistic development, FEG administers both the ‘Taiwan Fellowship Program’ and the ‘Far Eastern Art Award.’ Both awards provide artists opportunities to study abroad and receive specialized artistic training in the United States in the hope of sparking more innovative works. This enables the seeds of culture to grow deeper roots in society.

Taiwanese Opera, Ming-Hwa Yuan Arts & Cultural Group, sponsored by Far Eastern Group

Douglas Tong Hsu, Chairman of the Sino-American Asian Cultural Foundation Taiwan, provides artists with financial and practical support through the artistic and cultural platform of the foundation so that artists can more freely develop their work. Huai-Min Lin, founder and artistic director of Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan and Ms. Fang-Yi Sheu, the artistic heir of American modern dance pioneer Martha Graham, are beneficiaries of this program. The 35-year old Cloud Gate Dance Theatre is known throughout the world for its blend of modern and traditional Chinese dance elements.  The most gratifying moment for a long-term supporter of art and cultural programs is when sponsored artists reach the pinnacle of their potential and mastered their art. 

FEG also supports Chinese and Taiwanese opera performances and activities. By sponsoring national tours, people gain more exposure to this important cultural traditional art form. FEG has also introduced international performance groups to Taiwan. In 2009, several firms within FEG jointly sponsored the premier performances in Taiwan of Cirque du Soleil. The Group provided free tickets to university students studying music, drama, and dance. From supporting artists, promoting local art and culture, and sponsoring international performance groups, FEG is a true diamond-level supporter of the arts and can be counted on for its leadership, wisdom, and resources. Prosperity created by economic growth should be balanced with art and culture to increase the worldliness of its citizens and broaden horizons.

The ideal society has a rich cultural and spiritual life.

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