Far Eastern EcoARK

Far Eastern EcoARK

With the Taipei International Flora Exposition having kicked off in November 2010, Far Eastern Group formed a collective design and development team including miniWIZ (a Taipei-based company dedicated to developing consumer energy solutions), Far Eastern Textile Fiber Plant, Far Eastern General Contractor, and Far Eastern Technical Consultants. The team designed and created Far Eastern EcoARK, a NT$200 million, a 262-foot by 185-foot by 98-foot pavilion-like structure covering over 35,570 square feet, constructed from 600, 000 hexagonal “Polli-Bricks” (an architectural brick made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles), each with the same size and hardness is a patented technology developed for EcoArk.  Like a wall of crystal, it sparkles brightly both by day and at night with light-emitting diode (LED), a semiconductor lighting device with very high brightness and diversity in colors.

Its physical conception began in 2008, when FEG promoted the Happy Go joint points-collection card recycling program through Far Eastern Department Stores, SOGO, Ai Mai, Far EasTone, Far Eastern International Bank, and other Group companies. The program encouraged everyone to recycle, eventually collecting one million PET bottles (the equivalent of 50 tons) within the year to be used for the Far Eastern EcoARK. In essence, Eco is a gift to Taiwan from the Far Eastern Group in concert with efforts from thousands of school children, adults and families who contributed importantly to this unique and environment friendly design. 

“I hope that this exhibit can be a leading model of green architecture, which calls on people to conserve energy and reduce their carbon footprint,” FEG chairman Douglas Tong Hsu says.

The innovative and eco-friendly ideas of EcoARK broke free of the traditional architectural style and reduced the Group’s carbon footprint. Due to safety concerns, the team continually tested and evaluated the wall during construction. The beehive-like structure is strong enough to support the weight of the wall, and can withstand wind, water, fire, and earthquakes. The cost of the building is about one-third less expensive than if it had been constructed using conventional construction methods. The carbon footprint is less than 10% of that for traditional building materials; thus, it is penny-smart and more sustainable. This is the first recycled PET wall in the world that’s light, transparent, and transportable. Even if the wall is not relocated, it can be disassembled, and the PET bottles can be recycled and reused. Since November 2010, Far Eastern EcoARK is leading us to Taiwan’s new domain, the green technology industry, and simultaneously bringing Taipei onto the international stage.


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  • 永續發展的市鎮規劃
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