city 'super Chubei Store Creates a New Living Space

city 'super Chubei Store Creates a New Living Space

city 'super Chubei store launched on January 20 at B2 Chubei store of Far Eastern Department stores. The overall design of the store is 7 meters high and covers an area of 1,455 square meters. It uses a large number of green plants and wood decoration to create a tall, open and green shopping environment, showing the latest brand concept "crafting a better lifestyle". Starting from the three core paths of "green supply chain" , "exquisite taste" and "expert service / commodity", city’super largely introduced " direct delivery for organic products with origin certificate ", "animal welfare eggs" and "small farmer fresh milk" areas, and services such as "in-store purchase and chef cooking for high-grade fresh product " are also provided. In addition, in responding to the rise of healthy diet, the store also gathers nearly 50 vegan foods such as vegan milk and meat to promote healthy and sustainable vegan diet schemes.

city'super observed the rising trend of home cooking during pandemic and a " direct delivery for organic products with origin certificate " area is set up with concept of "source control" and "safe purchase" to offer customers "environment friendly ", "animal welfare", "clear product origin " fresh vegetables and fruits, animal welfare eggs, small farmers' fresh milk and dairy products. For example, Chubei store introduces Taiwan grouper's leading brand "Xinhuo No. 1" and sets up an "ecological sustainable environmental aquatic product zone". The aquatic products in the zone come from ecological inland and deep-sea farms which pay attention to ecological sustainability issues, and use green energy technology and drug-free ecological feeding methods to make consumers feel at ease and healthy.

In addition, city'super found that the sales of plant-based foods increased by 10-20%, showing the consumers in the Hsinchu Science Park area attach great importance to health. The "plant-based food zone" of Chubei store sells vegan milk and meat as well as vegan snacks to meet the expectations of Chubei consumers for healthy diet.

In view of the rapid growth of the takeout meals, in addition to selling high-end exquisite cuisine and selected fresh meat products, the store also launched the "in-store purchase and chef cooking for high-grade fresh product" service, which allows consumers to choose their own ingredients which would be cooked by professional chefs.

It is worth mentioning that the city's super Chubei store also has a "wine cellar and flagship cabinet of whisky". The wine cellar is dominated by "top and rare" brands. It not only has thousand types of wines, spirits and blends, but also exclusively introduces many special and limited wines. At the same time, it also gathers sake brands such as Niigata Kubota, Yamaguchi Dassai and Akita Chokaisan to meet the needs of consumers. In addition, there are in-store professional recommendation and consultation services for meal and wine matching, so that every guest can enjoy good wine and delicious food.

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