The Tainan Food Festival starts May 29 at SOGO Zhongxiao

The Tainan Food Festival starts May 29 at SOGO Zhongxiao

TAIPEI (TVBS News) — The Tainan Food Festival kicked off on Tuesday at SOGO Zhongxiao Department Store, gathering around 50 distinctive restaurants from Tainan. The mayor of Tainan, Huang Wei-che, will attend to promote Tainan's local cuisine. (Photo Credit: Tainan City Government)

The mayor stated that Tainan is praised as the “Gourmet Capital.” During the festival, people can enjoy local cuisine from Dong Shang Taiwanese Seafood and Zhu Xin Ju, two Michelin Guide restaurants.

Moreover, he shared that three new Tainan additions to the Michelin Guide were made in May. There are now 26 Michelin Guide restaurants and 35 Bib Gourmand restaurants in Tainan, further solidifying the city's reputation as the “Gourmet Capital.” He encouraged visitors from all over the world to explore Tainan.

According to the Tainan City Government, the festival collaborates with the Tainan Culture and Tourism Industries Association. The government aims to better understand Tainan's culinary heritage. During the festival, various discounts will be offered to encourage visitors to enjoy the event.

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