Pacific SOGO  Department Stores Co., Ltd. (FE SOGO)
Pacific SOGO  Department Stores Co., Ltd. (FE SOGO)


Pacific SOGO Department Stores Co., Ltd. (FE SOGO)

To be the benchmarking retail business that offers all-rounded fashion life experience for the public.


FE SOGO, home to global renowned brands, is a fashion-trendsetter that applies smart technologies to ensure each customer shopping experience is gratifying, safe, and pleasant.

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FE SOGO was established in 1987 and has always been the most trusted department store brand in Taiwan. After joining FEG in 2002, new stores have opened in Taiwan and China.  (In China, Far Eastern SOGO operates under a dual-brand strategy, known to the public as Pacific Department Stores and Far Eastern Departments Stores.)


Leadership in Building Happy Cities

“Taking care of colleagues”, “caring for customers”, and “Protecting the Earth” are the three major aspects for FE SOGO to pursue sustainability.



Home Chef Meal Competition Starts!

FE SOGO Home Chef Meal Competition Starts Now! People regardless of age and catering background are welcome! Show your cooking talent!

More Top Talent for New Life


Business Locations and Features

FE SOGO is dedicated to understanding the requirements of local customers and the stores create their individual features for the predefined target customers in the hopes to present the best service quality and provide products and services satisfactory to customers.



Children SO GOOD Role Model

FE SOGO has been holding the “Children SO GOOD Role Model Selection and Recognition” since 2011 to encourage the kindergarten and elementary school students who are driven despite the poverty, optimistic in spite of the hardships, kind-hearted, or keep dreams alive even if being ill, or respect parents and friends.


Corporate Social Responsibilities

FE SOGO has developed 4 core values ( “Reliable”, “Inspire”, “Sustain”, and “Excellence”) Together, the 4 core values comprise to stand for “R.I.S.E.”, symbolizing FE SOGO's positive ambition to rise above whatever challenges that may lie ahead. 

FE SOGO Sustainability Report

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