Big City Cultivates the Seeds of Art and Culture

Big City Cultivates the Seeds of Art and Culture

The Street Art Festival enters its sixth year, with more than 1,100 groups participating; it lasted for three months and attracted more than 70,000 visitors.

Far Eastern Big City Shopping Malls (Big City) stands out as the leading department store in the Taoyuan, Hsinchu, and Miaoli areas, boasting an annual turnover of NT$15 billion. Over the years, Big City has transformed into a significant platform for street art performers in Taiwan, hosting street art festivals and competitions. In the sixth year of the Big City Street Performance Festival, both the music group and the juggling group produced champion and runner-up winners from auditions to the finals. Philby Lee, Chairperson of Big City, highlighted that the street art festival has reached its sixth year, attracting over 1,100 participating groups. The festival continues to serve as a stage for emerging talents in the realms of art and culture, providing a nurturing ground for their growth and development. (Photo Credit: Big City)

The Big City Street Performance Festival has successfully run for six consecutive years, establishing itself as the only street performance competition hosted by a private enterprise in Taiwan. Each annual festival spans three months, drawing more than 70,000 people to vote and witness performances both online and offline. The festival's success is attributed to the professionalism and reputation of the judging panel, leading to an overwhelming number of performer registrations each year. Participation in this festival has become a significant platform for performers, serving as a springboard to enter the international arena and gain recognition overseas. 

The Big City Street Performance Festival has served as a stage for outstanding performers who have achieved notable success both nationally and internationally. Examples include the "DoNuts Harmonica Ensemble," which secured the championship in the trio, duo, and chromatic harmonica designated music groups at the 2017 World Harmonica Festival in Germany. Additionally, Wu Haw Jong, the upright Diablo champion in the Tokyo International Diablo Competition, and Keyro, the grand champion in the TMA International Magic Competition, have showcased their talents on this prestigious platform.

In recognition of its commitment to implementing the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly those related to health and well-being, employment, and economic growth, the Big City Street Performance Festival won the Asia Corporate Social Responsibility Award (AREA) Social Welfare Development Award last year. Philby Lee emphasized that Big City not only stands as the leading department store and shopping mall in the Taoyuan, Hsinchu, and Miaoli areas but is also a crucial hub in people's daily lives and consumption. Aligned with the belief of contributing to society, Big City is dedicated to promoting diverse performances in areas such as art, culture, music, and dance. The initiative goes beyond providing a stage for professionals, extending to offer a space for students to practice their skills. Additionally, competitive activities are organized, providing students with opportunities to showcase their talents and excel in their chosen fields. This multifaceted approach reflects Big City's commitment to supporting the community and fostering a vibrant and inclusive cultural environment.

A noteworthy evolution in this year's Street Performance Festival is the incorporation of the spirit of "big hands holding little hands, inheritance, and sustainability." This initiative, which has been ongoing since June, distinguishes itself by featuring prominent figures in Taiwan's artistic community and performance masters leading students in various activities. Every weekend and holiday, these lights of Taiwan engage in activities such as playing and singing, music performances, circus acts, folk skills, and more, in every corner of Big City. An innovative on-the-spot classes that invite the public to actively participate in the experience. Teachers and students share the same stage, creating a dynamic and enjoyable atmosphere for the audience. This approach not only fulfills the expectations of previous contestants but also emphasizes transparency through the process of inheritance. The goal is to ensure that artistic works can endure over time and have a lasting and significant impact.

After three months of fierce competition including auditions, semi-finals, and performances for hundreds of street performers in the Street Performance Festival since June, the champion of the music category was two young people from the Taroko ethnic group and the Ami ethnic group, "Yijiuba Band", and the second runner-up was the "Battery Band" whose members are from Japan with an average age of nearly 60 years old. The champion of the juggling group was the "The Blazing Duo", and the runner-up was Cheng Yung Tsang who performed the fancy diablo. (Photo Credit: Big City)

Philby Lee expressed deep appreciation for the efforts and courage displayed by every contestant in the Street Performance Festival. These individuals, often considered masters among the people, showcase their talents, whether in dynamic or static performances, using their own efforts to shine on the stage. Beyond providing a platform, Big City has effectively leveraged its Facebook community of 750,000 people to connect with these art masters from various walks of life. Despite the challenges posed by three years of the epidemic, Big City has remained steadfast in organizing performance festivals each year. This commitment ensures that the seeds of art and culture continue to grow, providing ongoing opportunities for performers who may have been otherwise unable to showcase their talents during the pandemic. This initiative reflects Big City's dedication to fostering a diverse, fair, and inclusive environment, practicing the principles of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and contributing to a positive cycle of warmth and opportunity within the community.

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