Fu Ming Transport Intelligent Move to Meet the new Era

Fu Ming Transport Intelligent Move to Meet the new Era

In recent years, the threat of climate change has intensified, and the concept of "net zero" has become fashionable. Carbon reduction action has become an urgent challenge in the world. Facing the risks and opportunities brought by climate issues, how can Fu Ming transport prepare for low-carbon transformation, integrate with international standards and win the first opportunity?

Insight into international trends and deploy low-carbon transportation

On the busy traffic arteries, all kinds of vehicles such as container vehicles, coupling vehicles, oil tank vehicles and high-pressure gas vehicles flow continuously. While revitalizing the economy, they also attract doubts about carbon emissions.

In line with global trends and central policies, the environmental protection administration of the Executive Yuan announced the draft "climate change response law" in 2021, setting 2050 net zero emissions as the target; The energy and carbon reduction Office of the Executive Yuan has directly set "green transportation and electrification of transportation vehicles" as one of the "four main axes of net zero". It can be seen that "reducing carbon emissions of transportation vehicles" is a crucial link in energy conservation and carbon reduction.

Fu Ming transport, which foresees the trend in advance, has introduced vehicles in line with the latest phase VI environmental protection regulations since June 2020. It is expected to replace the existing phase III vehicles with low energy efficiency in the first half of 2022. The new vehicle is equipped with "EGR recirculation system" and "SCR urea catalyst reduction system", which can not only reduce noise pollution and exhaust emission by more than 90%, but also save fuel consumption by 5 ~ 10%. In addition, Fu Ming transport also re examined the auxiliary equipment of the vehicle. The tail car installed behind the coupling car is made of lightweight materials without affecting safety, and the tire part is made of high-quality aluminum rings, so as to save fuel consumption and exhaust emissions and improve transportation efficiency.

In addition to replacing the old vehicles with the new ones, Fu Ming transport also attaches great importance to the follow-up maintenance and repair. All its vehicles are subject to "independent management air pollution emission inspection" at the place designated by the environmental protection administration, and have obtained the excellent seal. During daily maintenance, scrap iron, batteries, engine oil, tires and other parts are carefully classified and recycled, and old tires in better condition are selected for refurbishment, because compared with the production of a new tire, recycled tires can reduce 70% of crude oil and 60% of CO2 emissions, creating greater environmental protection value. As for the old tyres or other articles that cannot be reused, they will be handed over to a legal professional recycling site to avoid environmental pollution.

Not only focus on vehicle equipment, Fu Ming transport is also not careless about the construction of the plant. When the Taichung City Logistics Center was built in 2018, solar panels were set on the roof, which can absorb the energy in the sun and convert it into electric energy to reduce the cost of electricity. Secondly, under the shielding of solar panels, the indoor temperature can be reduced by about 2 ~ 3 degrees, indirectly reducing the expenditure of air conditioning and electricity. When purchasing office equipment, Fu Ming transport carefully selects electrical appliances with first-class power saving label to minimize power consumption.

The hardware equipment meets the needs of environmental protection, and the transportation operation process should certainly keep pace with the times. For example, in the past, when the air compressor on the vehicle was used to discharge cement, the vehicle could not shut down, resulting in waste gas, fuel consumption and noise pollution. After internal review, it is decided to add a ground air compressor in the pre mixing plant. Due to high energy efficiency, it can shorten the operation time, and use electricity as the power source, which can save fuel consumption and improve pollution. Therefore, since August 2020, Fu Ming transport has been piloted in Tucheng, Linkou and Xizhi ready mix plants of Ya Tung ready mixed concrete corporation. As of November 2021, the three plants have saved 40155 liters of vehicle diesel and reduced 111229 kg of carbon emissions with remarkable results. At present, it is being extended to Central and southern ready mix plants such as Dali plant and Wufeng plant.

AI intelligent data string transport safety net

Facing the new era, Fu Ming transport not only responds to the international environmental protection trend and launches green actions, but also actively introduces digital tools to improve management efficiency and driving safety.

At the management level, the management system of Fu Ming transport can automatically upload the measured values such as wine, blood pressure and body temperature of the driver before leaving the car to the cloud combined with the monitoring screen. If the value is abnormal, it will immediately send a message to inform the management personnel, and produce an abnormal report afterwards for the convenience of recording and archiving; Over the past two years, covid-19 epidemic situation has been changeable. Fu Ming transport has also specially established a "line health notification group" to care for the health status of colleagues and residents through real-time return and tracking management of daily health status, take emergency measures in advance for those who may be at risk of infection, reduce business risks, and provide epidemic prevention information such as vaccine application policies, confirmed cases in counties and cities, and activity history of public places for colleagues' reference. On the eve of the Spring Festival this year, the epidemic in Taiwan is heating up. Fu Ming transport takes the initiative to send fast screening reagents. Employees are invited to screen at home the night before work day and upload the results to the group to maintain the health of the workplace.

According to the research, the risk of fatigue driving is no less than drunk driving. Therefore, Fu Ming transport attaches great importance to train management to avoid drivers working overtime, and uses the "DMS anti fatigue early warning system" to detect driving behavior and physiological state, so as to prevent drivers from driving for a long time and causing fatigue or inattention. In addition, Fu Ming transport also adopts GPS fleet management system to grasp the driving conditions of vehicles in real time. If it is found that the vehicle is speeding, abnormally parked, or the driver does not drive according to the specified route and has dangerous behavior, the management personnel can immediately correct and coach and track the improvement.

At the driving level, Fu Ming transport has set up many protective nets for front-line drivers. It not only introduces the "six active safety systems of ADAS", such as ACC active distance control cruise system, FCW front collision warning system, AEBS emergency brake assist system, LDWS lane departure warning system, VSC vehicle stability control system, and TPMS tire pressure detection and warning system, In addition, an active warning front anti-collision early warning system "Mobileye" is added to detect that the vehicle does not maintain a safe speed, lane offset and other abnormal situations, and the system will immediately send out a warning sound to remind the driver to correct in time. At the same time, considering that the fleet is mainly composed of semi connected vehicles, fully connected vehicles and other large vehicles, Fu Ming transport has fully installed reversing cameras on tank cars since 2021, and further installed "millimeter wave radar" in the first quarter of this year to reduce the blind spot of sight and prevent internal wheel difference accidents.

In the new normal of rapid change, Fu Ming transport constantly adjusts and keeps pace with the times. On the one hand, it responds to the international zero carbon trend, accelerates green transformation and improves enterprise competitiveness. On the other hand, it uses digital technology to create a healthy and safe workplace environment and become the most trusted professional logistics team!

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