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Fu Ming Transport Corporation


Fu Ming Transport Corporation

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Land transportation services offered range from the transportation of cement, coal and industrial products. The Company now steps in the warehousing logistic center business and launched it first international logistic center in Taichung focusing at specialized products including medicine, air conditioning and food.

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智能出擊 富民運輸展新貌

Smart Transportation

Introducing new vehicles complied with latest environmental protection regulation and implementing AI smart data to enhance the transportation safety with remote management.


決戰新零售 智慧物流首發

Smart Logistics

Starting from transportation, FMT has stepped out of the first step of the Group's logistics integration. Initially focused on medicine, air conditioning and food warehouses with high-specification. It is also hoped to help the Group complete the last mile of new retail business.


Corporate Social Responsibilities

The CSR actions and promises of Fu Ming Transport can be found in Asia Cement Sustainability Report.

ACC Sustainability Report

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