U-Ming Launches a Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative as Part of Push toward Net Zero Emissions

U-Ming Launches a Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative as Part of Push toward Net Zero Emissions

U-Ming has declared our commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, having proactively charted our carbon reduction pathways and after launching a sustainable supply chain initiative. Our aim is to collaborate closely with suppliers while employing a larger-supporting-smaller approach to promote a low-carbon supply chain.

U-Ming convened our suppliers meeting on September 26 and September 27 of this year (2023), with 55 local and overseas suppliers invited to participate in the first phase. Ultimately, a total of 43 manufacturers engaged with U-Ming either online or in person to address the challenge of "carbon."

U-Ming enlisted external lecturers for this conference to deliver education and training to each manufacturer on the subjects of corporate sustainable development, climate change, and the importance of carbon reduction. In this way, manufacturers could learn how to initiate organizational greenhouse gas inventories. Finally, we shared our practical experiences in carbon reduction to demonstrate that reducing carbon emissions need not be financially burdensome. Each manufacturer can use carbon accounting to identify emission hotspots, and then further plan and implement corresponding carbon reduction measures to achieve carbon reduction results, which may also lead to additional cost savings benefits. After the meeting, U-Ming provided calculation methodologies to allow each manufacturer to promptly initiate their efforts.

U-Ming hopes to inspire more suppliers to join us in working towards net-zero emissions by 2050 through steadfast commitments and proactive carbon reduction measures, thereby realizing sustainable development.

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