U-Ming Marine Transport Corporation
U-Ming Marine Transport Corporation


U-Ming Marine Transport Corporation

World Class Marine Logistic Company


U-Ming provides global shipping services for iron ore, coal, grain, and steel, it is Taiwan’s largest bulk carrier company which has offices in Singapore, HK and Xiamen, China for global shipping deployments.

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U-Ming was established due to changes in the business strategy in 1980, cement produced on the East Coast of Taiwan began to be shipped west by marine transport. U-Ming originally focused on transporting cement for Group-affiliate Asia Cement. U-Ming headquarters sit in Taiwan oversees the operations of subsidiaries in Singapore, Hong Kong and China. Its also establishes stable long term relationships with quality rating companies such as Vale and puts effort in researching and building green transportation technologies.

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U-Ming currently owns and operates an extensive list of different vessel types and sizes; e.g., oil tankers, Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCC), Very Large Ore Carriers (VLOC), Capesize, Post Panamax, Panamax, Ultramax, Supramax, and cement carriers. These vessels are gainfully deployed in the shipping market as they carry various types of commodities such as cement, crude oil, iron ore, coal, and grain shipments worldwide.


Stable and High Quality Teams of Multi-national Crews

U-Ming systematically recruits fresh graduates from maritime academies in various countries and regions. U-Ming also recruits crew members of various ranks, and has established a crew management system capable of assigning crew members of diverse nationalities.



Effective Management System to Ensure Fleet Safety

U-Ming (Xiamen) established its ISM management system and obtained ABS certification. Since then, it began to engage in ship management business, and currently manages bulk carrier vessels of various types, including VLOC, Capesize, and Panamax vessels.


宣示2050淨零排放 啟動永續供應鏈計畫

A Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative as Part of Push toward Net Zero Emissions

U-Ming has declared our commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, having proactively charted our carbon reduction pathways and after launching a sustainable supply chain initiative. Our aim is to collaborate closely with suppliers while employing a larger-supporting-smaller approach to promote a low-carbon supply chain.


Uming CSR

Uming upholds the five values “Digital Optimization,” “Teamwork,” “Integrity (Accountability),” “Passion,” and “Sustainability” in leading U-Ming to become a “World-Class Marine Logistic Company” and achieve the vision of driving ESG optimization. 

U-Ming Sustainability Report

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