Amart's Breakthrough and Re-evolution

Amart's Breakthrough and Re-evolution

Simplify the moving line of the store and focus on the main commodities

Under the threat of the pandemic, consumer behavior has changed dramatically. On the one hand, A. Mart has rapidly adjusted the display mode of shopping areas, on the other hand, it has also actively introduced digital technology to create a refreshing shopping experience.

The pandemic has prompted consumers to change their purchasing behavior. When they go to stores, they are no longer leisurely wandering like before, but adopt the modes of "fast in and fast out" and "one-time shopping". In view of this, A. Mart revised it strategy with two main factors of "simple" and "focus". In addition to simplifying the moving line of the store, widening the aisle and strengthening the marketing of hot selling products, so as to facilitate consumers to quickly find the goods they need. Due to the increase of consumers' time staying at home during the pandemic, people pay more and more attention to home life and rituals. Taking the fragrance as an example, the purchase was 10 times higher than that before the pandemic. Therefore, A. Mart introduced the "home fragrance try-out area" in its branch stores, and help people easily choose the most suitable taste of happiness for their own family. The home economy has also driven the self cooking boom, and the business opportunities of instant frozen goods have grown rapidly. A. Mart has specially introduced the Mid Autumn Festival barbecue oven, luxury seafood and meat, A5 beef, hotpot fast pickup box, etc. offered by a variety of star hotels and famous stores. In the future, it will offer new frozen goods to meet the needs of consumers.

OMO dual core officially launched

The pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of enterprises. The double weapons prepared by A. Mart were officially launched in 2022. First, the new POS system with online merge offline (OMO) function, and second was A. Mart APP 2.0. In particular, the upgraded APP has added virtual service functions such as "Buy Here, Pick-Up There", "Order Online, Pick-Up Offline", which breaks through the area restrictions and serves more people.

A. Mart is well aware that in the digital era, only through precise marketing can we improve the marketing benefits. Therefore, it joined hands with Far Eastern Group Bank (FEIB) and HAPPYGO to conduct joint marketing, use data to master the profile of members, communicate with consumers, continue to launch differentiated services and master the membership economy.

Although the pandemic has forced people to reduce shopping visits in physical stores, the demand for online shopping and delivery services of household goods has grown steadily. A. Mart changes the goods on the online shelves every two weeks, and immediately launches seasonal and festival goods, so that consumers can easily buy and receive goods quickly without going out. In the future, it also plans to invest more resources in online shopping and cooperate with various e-commerce platforms to achieve better results.

Responding to net zero carbon emission and build a friendly store for electric vehicles

The trend of net zero carbon emission contributes to the business opportunities of electric vehicles. In order to solve the charging problem most worried by car owners, A. Mart deployed charging facilities in the store area in advance. Among them, Banqiao Nanya store and Taichung City Shuiyao store took the first try to the introduction of FET electric vehicle intelligent charging service. The Sanchung store at New Taipei City, Fuxing store, Fengyuan store Shuinan store at Taichung City and Tainan store set up Tesla super charging station to offer electric vehicle owners experience a beautiful green lifestyle.

In addition, A. Mart has also implemented a number of energy-saving measures, such as setting up solar photovoltaic power generation equipment on the roof of Tainan store and Shuinan store; Tainan store also cooperates with local brand to introduce an exclusive 24h flagship intelligent resource recycling machine - ECOCO. It is a single machine capable with accommodating up to 20,000 PET bottles. Consumers can get environmental protection points back when they recycle bottles and cans at the store. Nearly 450,000 PET bottles have be recycled in 2021, The brilliant results attracted Sanchung store and Nanya store at New Taipei to follow and set up the intelligent recycling machines at the end of 2021 to join the ranks of promoting resource sustainability.

Entering the new retail era, A. mart will continue to make efforts in store furnishings, commodity power and digital power, and take responsibility for environmental sustainability at the same time, so as to write a new chapter for business transformation.

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