Far Eastern Ai Mai Co., Ltd. (A.Mart)
Far Eastern Ai Mai Co., Ltd. (A.Mart)


Far Eastern Ai Mai Co., Ltd. (A.Mart)



A-Mart sells high-quality, reasonably priced food, and household products, ensuring freshness and safety every step of the way

Main Service


Get the most bang for your buck at A.Mart!

A.Mart introduced ‘Produce Delivery Service’ and has become the bridge between farmers and consumers, balancing production and marketing as well as commodity prices. Moreover, it follows the principle of carbon emission reduction and guarantees safety and freshness.


Simplification · Focus

Under the threat of the pandemic, consumer behavior has changed dramatically. On the one hand, A. Mart has rapidly adjusted the display mode of shopping areas, on the other hand, it has also actively introduced digital technology to create a refreshing shopping experience.



A.Mart Starts the Hyprtmarket 3.0

To cater to the new retail model centered on consumer experience, the Shuinan store at Taichung City has launched two highlights, three features and seven innovations to provide the best service for consumers


首創「代客普度 送到家」

Bless on behalf of customers,

 A. mart feels the pain from consumers who want to pray well on the Ghost Festival, but are afraid of the social gathering. The service of “Box of blessing of peace“ is therefore created. After placing an order, the Box will be delivered directly to the temple through a special car. After the ceremony of Zhongyuan Pudu, the Box will then be delivered to the designated place, so that consumers can show their "heart" in this year's Ghost Festival.


Corporate Social Responsibilities

The CSR actions and promises of A.Mart can be found in Far Eastern Department Stores Sustainability Report.

FEDS Sustainability Report

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