FEDS Xinyi A13 Refresh Your Experience

FEDS Xinyi A13 Refresh Your Experience

Far Eastern Department Store's official entry into the Xinyi business district, FEDS Xinyi A13 Store has created a lot of buzz even before its opening. This Special Report will give you a glimpse into what Chairman Hsu calls "Taipei's 'most fashionable' department store." What are the unique features?

Far Eastern Department Store's (FEDS) official entry into the Xinyi business district with FEDS Xinyi A13 Store has generated significant buzz even before its opening. The store boasts an impressive array of 300 brands, with over half of them being exclusive to the Xinyi District. Designed by the renowned architect Kris Yao, the building features a cutting-edge appearance, an 11-meter-high glass light corridor that evokes the charm of Taiwan's old streets, and fast-access escalators for convenience. The high-altitude terraces offer breathtaking views, and night owls can delight in the offerings from nearly 30 food stores. FEDS Xinyi A13 Store is set to be a focal point of discussion with its myriad attractions.

Revolutionizing Retail Excellence: Smart Shopping Malls Redefine the Customer Experience with Innovation and Personalization

The Xinyi A13 Store encompasses a sprawling 43,000-square-meter business area, featuring 4 underground floors and 14 above-ground floors, complete with a parking facility capable of accommodating up to 2,300 vehicles. A testament to its innovation is the intelligent application of technology, making it the premier all-customer smart shopping mall in Taiwan. The integration of FEDS APP, POS machines, and CRM systems stands out as a key highlight. The upgraded POS machines offer insights into customer consumption habits, providing convenient parking discounts and Smart Pick services. The CRM system, fueled by big data analysis, refines consumer preferences, automatically disseminating information through social media, the app, in-store digital signage, and other platforms in real time. The enhanced FEDS APP, in addition to its existing six major functions, introduces four new ones, including personalized promotions, parking services, smart customer service, and the in-store logistics innovation of Smart Pick, elevating the overall service to new heights.

Furthermore, the installation of multi-functional interactive screens within the store has introduced an innovative digital communication mode. Features like 3D interactive floor introductions, 3D holographic projections, and interactive games have been seamlessly integrated. These screens provide real-time information that customers can engage with, whether they are on or off the escalator, enhancing their overall shopping experience.

Elevating Aesthetic Reverie: Timeless Elegance Redefined for Unforgettable Check-In Moments

The architecture, adorned with red bricks, meticulously recreates the ambiance of ancient streets and alleys, showcasing the rich culinary heritage of old shops. The addition of sky lanterns enhances the aesthetic appeal. The 11-meter-high design, inspired by Dadaocheng theater style, seamlessly blends local cultural elements with international standards at FEDS Xinyi A13 Store. For visitors from the bustling Xinyi business district, it feels like stepping into a time corridor, experiencing the unparalleled grandeur of Taiwan in the 1940s and 1950s. Each floor offers resting spaces, allowing shoppers to take a break, marvel at the city skyline, and soak in the harmonious shopping atmosphere that seamlessly fuses traditional and modern styles.

Captivating All Gazes: Taiwan's Exclusive Specialty Store Commands Universal Attention

Beyond its remarkable architectural features, FEDS Xinyi A13 Store has strategically introduced a range of distinctive brands to carve a niche in Taipei's Xinyi business district, known for the highest density of department stores globally. Notably, Vieshow "MUVIE CINEMAS" has launched six general halls and a TITAN giant screen auditorium, alongside MUCROWN's top-tier auditoriums, all boasting internationally recognized THX certification. Equipped with 4K laser projection and concealed 7.1 surround sound, these cinemas enhance the cinematic experience, while premium leather seats contribute to creating the finest ambiance for the ultimate movie-watching feast in Taiwan.

Spanning approximately 400 square meters, the "LEGO Authorized Store LCS" is a delightful addition to FEDS Xinyi A13 Store. Infused with local flair, the store showcases mosaic sky lantern walls, bubble tea, and Taipei-style landscaping. Innovative features such as "Build-a-Mini" and "Pick-a-Brick" empower customers to customize LEGO figures with diverse clothing and accessories, offering over 150 LEGO building parts for the creation of unique and personalized designs. Additionally, an experiential game area invites every customer to revel in the charm of LEGO assembly.

Spanning an expansive 446 square meters, Sony's largest direct-operated store in Taiwan finds its home at FEDS Xinyi A13 Store. Featuring a simple yet generous spatial layout, the store is a showcase for the most comprehensive SONY audio and video lineup. Individual experience areas are dedicated to each category of products, with special emphasis on the latest innovations such as BRAVIA 8K and a full spectrum of OLED TVs. Visitors can immerse themselves in live broadcasts of sports events and popular dramas. Notably, the store boasts the first and most comprehensive α lens display in Taiwan, allowing consumers to not only experience cutting-edge audio and video products but also to appreciate Sony's commitment to a quality lifestyle through its curated display space.

Gastronomic Mastery Unleashed: Unrivaled Catering Selections to Satiate Every Discerning Palate

In recent times, department stores have been intensifying their efforts to become culinary destinations, and in this context, FEDS Xinyi A13 Store has emerged with an impressive culinary selection featuring up to 122 dining brands. Among them are 8 exclusive brands making their debut in Taiwan, including the top Japanese buffet "SUNRISE," Taiwanese creative cuisine at "KUAICHAO," the dry-aged beef steak haven "bistro WAYO," Wagyu beef specialist Le Xuan's new brand "YKNK Club," "SERGEANT Hainanese Chicken Rice," "Singapore Prawn Noodles," "Hok Kee Hong Kong Cafe," and "Quenches." Additionally, there are 8 exclusive department store brands such as "Hooters," "Fu Laixi Tea Restaurant," "Jieyou Beef Noodles," and more. Impressively, 32 of these establishments are making their debut in the Xinyi District. The culinary lineup is designed to offer a diverse and delightful gastronomic experience for visitors.

Notably, the renowned coffee brand "Fika Fika Café," a world champion in 2013, has established a presence in FEDS Xinyi A13 Store, providing shoppers with the opportunity to savor a coffee experience of regal quality. Another highlight is the exclusive offering from the "Wu Baochun Mai Fang Store," champion of the 2010 World Bread Championships, featuring freshly baked kiln-fired pizzas and limited-edition flavored bread. This not only preserves local culinary traditions but also seamlessly blends with global influences, showcasing the unique flavors of Taiwanese agricultural products to the world.

Epicurean Haven Unveiled: TOP Supermarket Flagship Store Introduces a Gourmet Ready-to-Eat Dining Oasis

Beyond its diverse culinary offerings, the esteemed supermarket city'super has also established a presence in Xinyi A13. Catering to the culinary preferences of office workers in the Xinyi business district, it boasts 50 "eating areas" featuring "cooked to order" stalls. The offerings include delectable options such as A5 Wagyu bento boxes, grilled oysters, and Taiwan-exclusive cup sushi, as well as a variety of business lunches. On Friday evenings, the "Tipsy Bar" offers wine-ordering services, crafting a supermarket version of a Japanese bar. Additionally, a "Gift Packaging Center" has been introduced, where packaging specialists provide expert consultation and services, delivering a one-stop shopping experience for urban office workers.

Pioneering Sports Fashion: Leading Trend Brands Synchronize with Style in Real-Time Brilliance

Catering to the preferences of stylish men, the Xinyi A13 Store has curated a selection of 31 sports trend brands. This impressive lineup includes 13 iconic names such as NIKE, adidas, PUMA, asics, New Balance, CONVERSE, FILA, UNDER ARMOUR, SKECHERS, URSA, BROOKS, K-SWISS, and LE COQ SPORTIF SPORTS. These brands are showcased in the latest concept stores in Taiwan, offering consumers an unparalleled shopping experience in the realm of sports fashion.

Moreover, LEVI'S enhances the shopping experience with a Print Shop that offers a personalized short Tee service, catering to the younger generation's desire for unique and customized products. Leading brands like STUSSY, Reebok Classic, Columbia Black, Carhartt WIP, WhiteRock+O Cafe Select, Fjallraven, DYCTEAM select Lab., and Ellesse present their latest seasonal outfit offerings, ensuring that customers can stay on the cutting edge of fashion trends.

Are you excited? Ttake your family with you to FEDS Xinyi A13 Store to experience a new shopping experience full of surprises!

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