The Latest FEDS Shopping Guide!

The Latest FEDS Shopping Guide!

Far Eastern Department Stores (FEDS) spans the entire trendy landscape from south to north in Taiwan, establishing a presence in every fashionable business district cherished by young people. Whether you're in search of the latest seasonal fashion, looking to replenish your skincare and makeup essentials, or just eager to spend quality time with friends, FEDS has become the preferred destination. Beyond offering an extensive array of brands, FEDS has dedicated considerable attention to interior design, incorporating local cultural characteristics and transforming the stores into popular Instagram-worthy landmarks. Editor V has meticulously curated information on the decoration styles, distinctive features, must-visit brands, and more across six FEDS stores throughout Taiwan, creating the ultimate FEDS shopping map. Wherever you are in the city, easily navigate to the nearest FEDS and embrace your inner "fashionista"!

FEDS XinYi Store A13

The old streets boast eye-catching designs and house flagship stores of renowned brands. Once you step foot in these trendy havens, you're sure to become captivated!

FEDS Xinyi A13 Store emanates an aura of simplicity and sophistication, characterized by a cutting-edge design composed of expansive transparent glass, seamlessly showcasing the building's modern aesthetic. Yet, it was the enchanting "Nostalgic Restaurant Street" on the fourth floor that stole the spotlight upon its grand opening. Meticulously recreating the bygone charm of Dadaocheng, a thriving district over 150 years ago, the space is adorned with red bricks, vintage movie posters, and suspended red sky lanterns, crafting an atmospheric old street with retro allure. The decor masterfully integrates modern and traditional elements, creating a visual symphony. The allure of FEDS Xinyi A13 Store lies in its array of "first flagship stores," boasting renowned names like Apple Store, Lego, SONY, and the premiere Vieshow Cinemas theater. Whether ranking as the largest or the inaugural in Taiwan, combined with a host of internationally acclaimed brands, the store swiftly transformed into a favored hub for the fashion-savvy crowd. Adding to the appeal are culinary delights from Din Tai Fung and Lady M, among the 40-plus dining establishments housed within the building, promising a delightful conquest not only for the eyes but also for the taste buds.

FEDS Banqiao Store (Mega City)

Situated in proximity to five major transportation hubs, FEDS Banqiao Store boasts unparalleled convenience in transportation, rivaling the luxury and sophistication of high-end shopping destinations in Europe and the United States.

With its entire structure enveloped in glass walls, FEDS Banqiao Store (Mega City) stands as a testament to futuristic technology while becoming a captivating sight during the day, reflecting the azure sky and fluffy clouds, and transforming into a twinkling spectacle at night, truly making it the most beautiful landmark in the city! Strategically located in the heart of the New Taipei City New Banqiao Special Zone hub, FEDS Banqiao Store is seamlessly connected to the city center through the most efficient five-transportation system. Its grandeur exudes a European and American high-end shopping experience. Positioned as "New Taipei's new fashion indicator," The Store houses sought-after international luxury brands adored by the youth, including GUCCI, BOTTEGA VENETA, FERRAGAMO, and more. Additionally, it offers a diverse range of offerings, spanning beauty, apparel, lifestyle, exotic cuisine, and features an IMAX Vieshow Cinemas on the 10th floor for a comprehensive one-stop shopping and leisure experience.

FEDS Chubei Store

Immersed in the distinctive local Hakka style of Hsinchu, it stands as the most sought-after hotspot for check-ins and capturing memorable photographs!

The FEDS Chubei Store stands out with its distinctive architectural features, prominently incorporating the grand Hakka Round House into its design. The interior vividly captures scenes of local Hakka customs, featuring elements such as "Hakka round house," "Hakka ancient house," and "Hakka old street." To add a modern artistic touch, three renowned artists from Israel, Japan, and Taiwan were enlisted to infuse Hakka elements into three large-scale public art pieces. The blend of traditional and contemporary art has made it a favored hotspot for social media influencers checking in around the Hsinchu area. Positioned at a highly accessible transportation hub, FEDS Chubei Store offers nearly 350 diverse brands, a plethora of dining options, souvenir selections, and more, ensuring a delightful and convenient experience for travelers journeying from the north or south.

FEDS Taichung Store (Top City)

Emerges as a dynamic hub featuring four luxury brands, captivating themed restaurants, and an exquisite, fashion-forward department store that stands at the forefront of contemporary trends. This destination offers a vibrant and sophisticated shopping experience where luxury meets culinary delights and cutting-edge fashion.

The aesthetic allure of FEDS Taichung Store is inspired by a majestic sailing ship, featuring elegant and timeless architecture with clean lines. What sets it apart is the commitment to green energy, encompassing everything from the landscaped base to water retention, rainwater recycling, and a solar power generation system on the roof. This design reflects a dedication to environmental sustainability, transforming the building into a showcase for urban green architecture. With 14 above-ground floors and 6 underground levels, the space is home to prestigious luxury brands such as Hermès, CHANEL, Bvlgari, and Cartier, alongside numerous other international fashion icons. The themed dining experience complements the shopping journey, with distinct styles like "Venice," "Japanese Edo Period," "Taiwan Old Street," and "Hollywood," each offering a unique ambiance. FEDS Taichung Store has thus become the epitome of refinement and fashion in the hearts of Taichung residents.

FEDS Hualien Store

As the sole department store in the Hualien-Taitung region, FEDS Hualien Store seamlessly weaves the imagery of aboriginal art into its identity, establishing itself as a beloved community cornerstone deeply embedded in the hearts of the local residents.

As the exclusive department store in the Hualien-Taitung region, FEDS Hualien Store assumes multiple roles to cater to diverse needs. Beyond its array of renowned brands and popular eateries, FEDS Hualien Store actively engages in fostering a meaningful connection with the local community. The store's architectural design, inspired by a ship's silhouette, symbolizes the Far Eastern Department Store's voyage on the East Coast. Interior aesthetics prominently feature aboriginal imagery, employing vibrant and captivating colors that visually accentuate the region's distinct identity. Furthermore, FEDS Hualien Store is recognized as a local "event maestro," hosting weekly activities to infuse each day with excitement. With the goal of offering enjoyable experiences for all - men, women, the elderly, the young, and families - visitors can find joy in every visit to FEDS Hualien Store, transforming it into more than just a department store but a cherished neighbor deeply embedded in the community's collective heart.

FEDS Kaohsiung Store

Seamlessly integrates luxury offerings, a bookstore, and movie theaters, establishing itself as the premier fashion hub in southern Taiwan. 

FEDS in Kaohsiung has become a beloved destination for locals for good reasons. Situated in the bustling Sanduo business district, it's the go-to spot for leisure during holidays. What sets FEDS Kaohsiung Store apart is its extensive brand portfolio – whether you're in the market for high-end products, fashion-forward clothing, or household appliances, the Store ensures you can find all your favorite brands under one roof. Moreover, the exclusive presence of "Vieshow Cinemas" and "Eslite Bookstore" on the 17th floor offers a perfect escape for those seeking a more relaxed and artistic itinerary after shopping. Architecturally, FEDS Kaohsiung Store boasts a sleek design with a simple white and gray color palette, adorned with large glass windows and a geometric structure that seamlessly blends squares and circles. This combination of elegance and modernity makes it a fashion hub cherished by department store regulars and young patrons alike.

FEDS stands out as not just a weekend hotspot for locals, but also a favorite among tourists. The distinctive architecture, diverse array of brands, and surrounding activities make FEDS an ideal destination for those exploring the area. If you're ever unsure about where to go during a domestic trip, consider checking out FEDS stores. Whether you're into shopping, indulging in delicious cuisine, or capturing memorable moments, a visit to FEDS promises a half-day filled with a rich and enjoyable itinerary!

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