The oldest existing department store in Taipei will be rebuilt from August

The oldest existing department store in Taipei will be rebuilt from August

After operating for 51 years in Ximen commercial district, Far Eastern Department Baoqing Store (FEDS Baoqing) is about to have its final operating day on July 24th. It is preparing for demolition in August to undergo reconstruction. Chairman Hsu attended a press conference on July 20th to express gratitude. Upon seeing the media and customers filling the entrance plaza of Baoqing, and even the elevated second floor crowded with spectators, he humorously remarked, "The venue is a bit small, but in the future, we will build a bigger one." General Manager Nancy Hsu was also deeply touched during the event and wiped tears from her eyes repeatedly.

Chairman Hsu recalled the opening of FEDS Baoqing in a time when Taiwan was leaving the United Nations, and the economic outlook was uncertain. At that time, there were 2 to 3 floors empty in the department store, and high import tariffs made it a challenge to fill the store with goods. Compared to now, where the store is filled to the brim with merchandise, it is indeed a good sight. During the past three months of the sales period, many loyal customers visited and wrote letters to share their memories of buying their first dresses or suits here. The nostalgia surrounding Baoqing and its historical significance have become major attractions, appealing to customers over the age of 50, who also possess strong purchasing power.

The American Products Show in 1982 at FEDS Baoqing

In addition, Chairman Hsu mentioned the future plans for FEDS Baoqing. It will leverage the advantages of Ximending commercial district and its location at the intersection of three MRT lines. The new and larger building that will be constructed in the future, it will provide a shopping, dining, and entertainment integrated shopping space. The upper floors will house a cinema, offering a more comprehensive shopping experience. The aim is for it to become a new landmark in Ximending.


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