ECO PARK with Japanese Precision Seismic Isolation Design Provides a Safety Home for You

ECO PARK with Japanese Precision Seismic Isolation Design Provides a Safety Home for You

The island of Taiwan is located in the Pacific Rim Seismic Belt, with an average of 40,000 earthquakes per year. The seismic zones are mainly distributed in three major regions: the west, east and northeast. Among them, the western seismic zone is a "shallow earthquake" zone with a wide range and a focal depth of 0 to 30 kilometers. Due to the short time for the earthquake energy to be transmitted to the ground, it will often cause violent changes in the earth's crust and cause serious disasters with large scale earth quake, such as The 921 Jiji earthquake 25 years ago was a shallow earthquake with a focal depth of 8 kilometers and a Richter scale of 7.3.

90% of Taiwan's population lives in the western plains and is highly concentrated in urban areas. Destructive earthquakes can easily cause large-scale casualties and damage. Therefore, the seismic resistance and structural safety of urban high-rise buildings have become even more important. When an earthquake strikes, threats to personal safety come from the construction environment, including "non-structural threats" where objects tip over and fall. The second type is "structural threats" where the building body directly collapses or collapses.

Seismic Isolation is expensive but worth it!
Tao Zhu Yin Yuan and TSMC factories both adopted the same structure

Since the 921 earthquake, Taiwan has revised its building regulations, re-established the seismic resistance coefficient, and improved the seismic safety standards of buildings. According to the current regulations, buildings built after 921 can generally withstand earthquakes of magnitude 5-6 or above, and will not be immediately or easily collapsed by earthquakes (but the structure may be slightly or severely damaged), giving people time to escape. However, if you want your home to have excellent and enhanced earthquake resistance, you can consider the "seismic isolation house" with the best earthquake resistance.

In terms of building earthquake resistance technology, the levels from low to high are seismic resistance, seismic control (seismic reduction), and earthquake isolation (seismic isolation). Seismic resistance refers to using the structure of the building itself to resist earthquakes; seismic control uses dampers to reduce vibrations during earthquakes; and seismic isolation, the highest level of earthquake resistance, absorbs the earthquake energy through isolators which converts the swing of the building into "horizontal lateral displacement", reducing the degree of twisting, bending and swing of the building, and avoiding damage to the building.

Seismic isolation buildings have high safety but high cost, so they are more common in luxury homes, high-tech factories or museums containing precious cultural relics, such as Tao Zhu Yin Yuan, TSMC Hsinchu Factory, the main building of the South Branch of the National Palance Museum, etc. As far as houses are concerned, if the overall structure is properly designed for safety and earthquake isolation is planned, it will indeed be a valuable and good house that can be passed down to the family.

ECO PARK, a seismic isolation residence of Taipei Cities,
features high-standard Japanese precision casting

The ECO PARK invested and built by Far Eastern Construction, a subsidiary of FEG, not only invited the world's top Nikken Sekkei to design the architectural appearance and public facilities, but also used "New RC (reinforced concrete)" with a seismic strength nearly twice that of traditional RC while introducing the latest "Double Column-Integrated Beam Precasting Method" supported by Japan's Kashima Construction Corporation, and equipped with 28 OILES isolators, the leading brand of Japanese isolators, and 16 KYB dampers which is the same type used by the Skytrees Building in Tokyo, it can withstand strong earthquakes of magnitude 6 or above without damage. It would protect the building from damage, ensuring the safety of residents' lives and properties in all aspects. Such an extremely high-quality precision-cast isolation structure has set a new benchmark for domestic residential construction.

The base area of ​​ECO PARK is 5,127 square meters, with 27 floors above ground and 3 underground floors, with a total of 176 units. The units contain different layouts from 2 to 4 bedrooms of 80 - 182 square meters. Currently, units of 80 - 135 square meters have been sold out. The newly completed high-rise residence adopts a castle-shaped portal plan, equipped with garden landscape areas and ramp parking spaces. It is a rare residence with a large site and an above-ground swimming pool in the city center. Since the launch of the project in December 2022, 80% of the units have been sold out, and it is highly praised by people who are replacing their houses and buying property.

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