FENC wins HR Asia Best Companies to Work For In Asia 2023 for the third consecutive year - this year, it has total triumphed in four major categories

FENC wins HR Asia Best Companies to Work For In Asia 2023 for the third consecutive year - this year, it has total triumphed in four major categories

Far East New Century has once again been honored with the “HR Asia Best Companies to Work For In Asia ” this year. Not only has it maintained this prestigious title for three consecutive years, but it has also received awards in the newly introduced categories of “Digital Transformation,” “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion,” and “Most Caring Companies,” demonstrating the diversity in its human resource. These four accolades further recognize Far East New Century's efforts and achievements in building a happy and fulfilling workplace.

With a deep-rooted presence of 73 years in Taiwan, Far East New Century has actively cultivated talent, with an impressive internal promotion rate of 97%. Over the past decade, the number of female executives has grown by 66%, demonstrating the company's commitment to equality and diversity. Additionally, more than one-third of new hires are recommended by current employees, indicating a high level of trust and recognition within the organization, and encouraging employees to refer more talented individuals. This award highlights Far East New Century's remarkable achievements in areas such as organizational flexibility, trust, communication, and clear development plans. With abundant human resources, the company has expanded its operations globally, with locations spanning Mainland China, Vietnam, the United States, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, and more, solidifying its position as a world leader in the polyester and textile materials industry.

Furthermore, in response to a rapidly changing environment, digital transformation has become a key focus for Far East New Century. The company has made significant investments in digital platforms, enabling employees to access information related to their rights and benefits at any time. Various digital transformation projects have also been initiated to enhance operational efficiency and employee performance, and to offer digital courses in collaboration with industry experts, providing employees with more learning opportunities to improve their competitiveness.

Far East New Century remains committed to creating an equal, open, and diverse working environment. Such as the Signing of the ' Zero Placement Fee ' for migrant workers to alleviate their burdens, global job rotation programs and expanded family support reflect the company's dedication to caring for its employees. Additionally, the company has established a senior-friendly workplace, including a health care system and equal opportunity initiatives, to foster diversity and inclusivity.

The smooth operation of the labor union enables Far East New Century to hear employees' voices in a more timely manner and respond quickly. In addition to regularly convening labor-management meetings to review employees' rights and benefits, employees can also express their views through internal channels, such as suggestion boxes and a 24-hour multilingual complaint mechanism. This year, there is a proactive promotion of human rights policies, signed by Chairman Mr. Douglas Hsu, with the implementation of global HR policies, continuously improving the protection of human rights.

The HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia Award, hosted by the renowned HR publication “HR Asia,” is one of the most prestigious awards in the field of human resources management in the Asia region. Far East New Century is deeply honored to have been named Asia's Best Employer for three consecutive years, recognizing the significant achievement it represents. In addition to expressing gratitude to customers and supply chain partners for their support, the company extends its appreciation to all employees for their dedicated efforts. Far East New Century will continue to uphold its Sincerity, Diligence, Thrift, Prudence and Innovation enterprise spirit, continuously pursue excellence, and strive towards the goal of becoming an exemplary benchmark company.

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