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Far Eastern New Century Corporation

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Far Eastern New Century Corporation

Having innovative thinking, superior technology, and excellent managerial skills, we aim to lead the polyester industry and maximize the value of our holdings in real estates and equity investments that shall bring happiness and prosperity to the community where we serve.


FENC is the leading global polyester manufacturer, products include polyester chip, PET bottles, PET films, polyester fiber etc. Downstream applications of these products are extensive and can be seen in health care, food and beverages, computers, communications, and consumer electronics, vehicle manufacture and transportation, and sports clothing. With its full vertical integration and R&D capability, FENC is one of the top choices as a supplier of materials for major international brands.

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1945 - Mr. Yu-Ziang Hsu founded Far Eastern Manufacturing Company in Shanghai to produce the Skyscraper-brand knitting wear. 
1949 - FEG relocated to Taiwan, setting up its knitting factory. Far Eastern Textile Ltd. (FETL) was then established in 1954.
1965 - The complete textile integration from tspinning, weaving, dyeing, and apparel factories. 
1979 - Started fiber production by merging Oriental Chemical Fiber Corporation
2008 - Acquired OPTC for increased efficiency and competitive advantage through the integration of the petrochemical, polyester, fiber, spinning, weaving, dyeing, apparel manufacturing, and retail businesses. 

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Green Growth Through Circular Economy

FENC started the first recycling and remanufacturing plant for PET bottles in Taiwan sinc 1988. FENC is aimed towards a diverse and all-encompassing deployment of circular technology to create dominance in the global recycling domain.


團結抗疫 守護全民

Protect the Nation, Unite against the Pandemic

To combat COVID-19, FENC applies its core strengths in the development of various anti-pandemic products, giving medical professionals and the public the best protection to safeguard public health. Currently, FENC produces the raw materials for medical-grade face masks in Taiwan and Shanghai. The products are sold worldwide, providing the most advanced quality material to global medical and health industries.


永續金融商品 推升永續發展

Promoting Sustainable Development with Sustainable Finance

FENC fully develops the Company’s sustainability development strategy and raise capital to connect with the sustainability development goals, creating closed-loop circulation of funding source and capital. It has become an innovative benchmark enterprise for sustainability financing in Taiwan, continuing to create win-win for the government, corporations and investors.


Corporate Social Responsibilities

With innovation as the cornerstone, FENC builds a sustainable future with its partners

FENC Sustainability Report

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