Far Eastern Ishizuka Green Pet Corpration
Far Eastern Ishizuka Green Pet Corpration

Polyester Materials

Far Eastern Ishizuka Green Pet Corpration

Helping to realize a sustainable society via Bottle to Bottle operation


FIGP is a joined venture company by FEG and Ishizuka Glass in Japan. It produces food-grade R-PET resins from wasted PET bottles to drink and non-drink manufacturers to form a Bottle-to-Bottle cycle. The Ibaraki Plant in Tokyo started operating in 2014, and will become the biggest R-PET plant in Japan when the expansion is completed.

Main Service


The First Integrated Process in Japan

FIGP built the first manufacturing process in Japan for mechanical Bottle to Bottle recycling.
FIGP only uses better quality waste bottles with less contamination and the best process and machinery, our resin products are certainly safe for customers to use.


Biggest R-PET Plant in Japan

Tokyo plant can process Waste PET bottle to 120,000 t/year with R-PET production capacity of 85,000 t/year.
In responding to the market demand, the second plant in Kansai is actively under construction.
It will be able to process Waste PET bottle to 150,000 t/year with R-PET production capacity of 100,000 t/year.



Corporate Social Responsibilities

The CSR actions and promises of Far Eastern Ishizuka Green Pet Corprationcan be found in the Sustainability Report of FENC.

FENC Sustainability Report

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