U-Ming Marine has won four awards at the HR Asia

U-Ming Marine has won four awards at the HR Asia "Best Companies to Work for in Asia" for the year 2023.

- U-Ming Marine, a renowned company in the Asia region, has received recognition for being an exceptional employer. They have been awarded for their commitment to diversity, digital transformation, and employee well-being. U-Ming Marine strives to create a friendly and safe workplace, promotes sustainability, and values corporate social responsibility.

Participating in the selection organized by HR Asia, a renowned HR magazine in the Asia region, U-Ming Marine not only received the " Best Companies to Work for in Asia " but also obtained the "Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Awards," "Digital Transformation Awards," and "Most Caring Company Awards." This recognition reaffirms U-Ming Marine's international acclaim and continuous excellence, demonstrating its commitment to being a reputable employer that promotes employee well-being.

The "Best Companies to Work for in Asia" is evaluated by scholars and experts in the relevant field. Through anonymous employee surveys, it comprehensively assesses the three main themes of "Corporate Culture and Organizational Development," "Employee Identification," and "Team Consciousness and Participation." The evaluation results indicate that U-Ming Marine has been highly recognized in all aspects, with employee satisfaction far exceeding industry averages, making it stand out among Taiwanese companies and earning this prestigious honor.

U-Ming Marine regards office staff and ship crew as its core assets and is committed to providing support and assistance in areas such as welfare, training, development, and physical and mental well-being. U-Ming Marine has continuously received the "Work-Life Balance Subsidy Program" from the Ministry of Labor, emphasizing the care for employees' physical and mental health. It has also been honored with the "Healthy Workplace Certification" awarded by the National Health Administration. U-Ming Marine has implemented an EAP (Employee Assistance Program) employee care system, providing 24/7 anonymous professional counseling services by psychologists to support employees with their mental and emotional challenges. For ship crew members, they can stay connected with their families through free internet access while on board, and the ship fleet has established a 24/7 emergency medical and psychological counseling service in collaboration with the Asia Hospital, ensuring effective management of crew health and well-being. To strengthen digital management, U-Ming Marine has developed the "Fleet Safety Management System" (FSM), receiving recognition from ClassNK (Japan's maritime classification society) and MPA (Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore) through their innovation and maritime safety awards. Through continuous digital transformation, U-Ming Marine utilizes digital technologies to achieve more environmentally friendly and safer shipping practices, minimizing the impact on marine ecology while enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring vessel operational safety.

U-Ming Marine provides a friendly and safe workplace that supports gender equality and equal pay, upholds corporate responsibility and governance, practices public welfare, and places importance on occupational safety and human rights. It advocates for fair transformation and aims to achieve social inclusiveness. Guided by the philosophy of "taking from society and giving back to society," corporate social responsibility is considered one of U-Ming Marine's core values. U-Ming Marine promotes various ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) public welfare activities, including charitable initiatives, environmental protection, community engagement, education, and gender equality. In the future, the company and its HR department will continue to focus on enhancing the concept of sustainable business operations, leveraging competitive advantages, and pursuing digital transformation in both ship and shore operations. U-Ming Marine aims to cultivate versatile talents and integrate sustainability principles into talent development initiatives.

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