Carbon capture materials is now the new niche for apparel

Carbon capture materials is now the new niche for apparel

With the trend of carbon neutrality and increasing demand from brands, the competitive niche for green textiles has increased. "Carbon Capture Textiles" has become a new niche for textile mills to actively develop green textiles following the recycling of ester pellets and the recycling of waste clothes. Far Eastern New Century (FENC) (1402) recovers carbon emissions through carbon capture technology and converts them into R-PET, which has been used by global famous brand apparel factories; Formosa Teffeta (1434) actively captures carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, and recycles industrial waste gas to produce "Carbon Capture EG PET Fabrics".

Filament and staple fiber fabric maker Tak Lee (1464) adopted Aramco carbon capture technology to capture carbon dioxide emitted from chemical plants to develop "Carbon Capture Low Carbon Waterproof and Breathable Membrane Combined with Carbon Recycling Polyester Fabrics", which has been sent to brand manufacturers for certification.

Through cooperation with LanzaTech, Lululemon, a world-renowned yoga apparel manufacturer, and Zara, a fast-fashion brand, FENC has developed the world's first fabric using recycled carbon emissions by converting them into R-PET.

Carbon capture has become one of the company's sources of recycled raw materials from land (PET bottle recycling), sea (marine litter) and air (carbon emissions) waste, FENC said.

Formosa Teffeta's "Carbon Capture EG PET Fabric" actively captures greenhouse gases carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide and then converts them into recycled industrial waste gases, which not only reduces petrochemical raw material consumption, but also reduces greenhouse gas emissions by about 30%. Formosa Teffeta points out that "Carbon Capture EG PET Fabric" can maintain the same quality characteristics as general petrochemical PET fabrics, and can be combined with various processing according to different functional requirements, such as moisture-absorbent and quick-drying, water repellency, waterproof and breathable, and so on.

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