FEPH Tainan Creates New Moving Moment with Innovative experiences

FEPH Tainan Creates New Moving Moment with Innovative experiences

When parties and meetings drew the most of the attentions in pandemic prevention, the advanced hardware, high-end food ingredient and attractive prices are no longer the panacea to attract consumers, how should the hotel industry create attractions and uniqueness, strengthen customer loyalty, and seize the pandemic business opportunities?

Turn the Crisis to a Opportunity by Aiming at Demand

All of a sudden, the outbreak of COVID-19 hit the tourism industry seriously, which not only reduced the number of international business customers, but also affected the willingness of domestic consumers to travel and eat out. Far Eastern Plaza Hotel (FEPH), Tainan responded to the changes in the real time with strict controls over the hardware facilities, cleaning, food safety and hygiene, and provides a safe accommodation and dining environment. It has won the double certification of "safe hotel" and "safe restaurant" issued by Tainan Government, injecting stability into the tight pandemic prevention atmosphere.

In addition, in view of the fact that many business started off-site office during the pandemic period, the hotel specially planned "guest room plan" and "conference room plan" to provide office spaces meeting the pandemic prevention needs. In particular, the "guest room plan" gave free use of the fitness center, as well as all- day light snacks and drinks, evening cocktails and other services that can only be enjoyed by VIP guests on the executive floor. It attracts many inquiries and bookings when it is launched.

On the other hand, FEPH Tainan have also transformed their bread and snack products, which used to be regarded as supporting roles, into a convenient meal box, focusing on fast pickup, delicacy and delicious. They have also flexibly dispatched manpower to assist in the packaging and sales of the restaurant's production line. They have launched the "The Bakery Cart" for bread take out service, allowing fresh and ready-made five-star products to go out of the hotel, At the same time, through social media and word-of-mouth marketing, to create fan economy, which has attracted a large number of groups and companies. The Hotel has successfully opened up new markets, and the performance has grown more than ten times over the same period of previous years.

To show appreciations to the medical staff who stays at the front line to protect the health of the public, the hotel also held a special campaign offering special discounts to show the gratitude on last year's nurses' day, which was a big success.

Creative Marketing in Domestic Travelling Market

Compared with other countries, the pandemic situation in Taiwan in 2020 was relatively stable, which also enhanced people's confidence in local tourism. In order to seize this wave of opportunities, FEPH Tainan held a variety of activities in August last year, such as mini boat race, family water games, dessert classroom, etc., creating a brilliant performance with the highest revenue in the summer vacation in the past decade.

The management team is well aware that high-end equipment or novel catering concepts can only maintain a short-term advantage. Only by attracting consumers through strategic marketing to gain trust from customers, can they become loyal brand advocates, willing to actively contact and share and to drive up the revenue. What attracts consumers is nothing more than fresh experiences, recommendations from others, entertainment interactions and customized surprise experience. Therefore, taking advantage of this year's 12th anniversary of FEPH Tainan, we have launched a number matching game. Customers can enjoy preferential treatment only by matching a few numbers of their ID card, which will not only attract a lot of media reports, social media sharing and high hit rate. This brought a high accommodation rate in the off-season of tourism.

In terms of cuisine and beverage, FEPH Tainan adheres to the concept of environmental protection, use a large number of local ingredients, combine with international cooking methods, and create discussions through the trend, trigger the rush buying trend with "exclusive restriction", attract customers to take photos and post up on the Web. At the same time, through a series of traditional snacks such as small squid rice noodles, beef soup, bowl soup, savory rice pudding (Wa gui), fresh fish soup, almond tea with fried dough sticks, etc, to let customers start a day with taste buds of the ancient capital.

In addition, different from the general marketing method of simply promoting wedding banquet, the hotel precisely targeted the decision-making customers (women aged 20-38) and launched the wedding banquet short movie clips by means of story marketing. Through the transition of the plot, it skillfully demonstrated the meticulous service of FEPH Tainan, and brought out the core value of Shangri-La's "hospitality from our nature", It has been widely echoed in social media. While drawing the eyeballs, the hotel also connects with wedding related industries such as wedding cakes, dresses, flower art, wedding shooting, wedding accessories, etc. to reach out to the fans of partners and develop more potential customers by means of cross industry cooperation.

In the meantime, the hotel is more active in cooperating with all parties to create different accommodation and dining experiences. For example, the exclusive authorization of Taiwan's original animated film "Barkley the kitten", which has won numerous international awards this year. The hotel organizes the hide and seek activities in the hall and the photo taking zone for social media post to increase the interaction between tourists and the hotel; To the coming summer vacation, the hotel creates guest rooms in six different themes with the protagonists and situations in the story, and plans a photo taking and weekend children DIY activity area in the public space on the first floor, so as to reproduce the street view of Tainan in the animated film, making the guests feel like they are in the film. In addition to traditional media, influencers and digital marketing operations, we also offer special reference discount of popular influencers to enlarge brand reputation and network voice; In March this year, the hotel cooperated with the Tainan Government to assist the Taiwan Art Gallery Association to hold the "2021 Tainan Art Expo", providing free visits for the hotel guests and promoting the aesthetic appreciation. It is hoped that FEPH Tainan will become the "Art Hotel" in the hearts of customers.

To provide more discounts for tourists, FEPH Tainan also join hands with its sister hotels, FEPH Taipei to launch high-speed rail campaign; Together with FETC, we launched a special offer and promoted it in mobile APP to create a good sales performance.

As we all know, customer loyalty comes from the emotional connection to the brand, which includes not only the personal experience, but also the support for the brand concept. FEPH Tainan has been innovating in marketing, and has never been absent from public welfare, environmental protection and other similar issues too. In the haze of the pandemic, we continued to care for minority children, applied for the green hotel certification, supported local farmers with actions, and made films to encourage people to respond to the activities, which won numerous praise from fans.

Start the Service Radar with Team Cohesion

The service industry is the most “warmth” oriented industry. However, only a happy team can provide the most people oriented service and show its soft power. Therefore, FEPH Tainan have always attached great importance to internal communication and working environment. They not only hold training courses to improve staff's knowledge and skills, but also thank colleagues for their efforts through excellent staff selections.

Inspired by the positive energy, each colleague becomes the most intimate service radar to actively knows customers, observes attentively, meets their needs in time, remembers their preferences, and arranges properly before the other party speaks; What's more surprising is that our colleagues are also the local tourism service radar. They are familiar with the local culture, food and traffic information. They are also familiar with the city activities of the current season and the current month. They can provide the most appropriate suggestions according to different travelling purposes. No wonder many guests become loyal customers.

Although the external environment is unpredictable, FEPH Tainan are still calm. On the one hand, they boost the cohesion and overall morale of employees, seize the business opportunities of domestic travelling, and successfully hold the accommodation rate and various orders; On the other hand, in order to arrange the return of business customers, we will upgrade the room and gym equipment in phases, and launch a variety of business projects for customers to choose from. In the future, the hotel will continue to develop a diversified customer base, respond to the unexpected market with a more flexible pace, and look forward to using the enthusiasm of southern people to deliver the most sincere and intimate service and create beautiful and warm memories with each visitor.

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