Health specialists from Taiwan ICDF visit Belize

Health specialists from Taiwan ICDF visit Belize

Last week, the Ministry of Health and Wellness welcomed 3 specialists from TaiwanICDF and Far Eastern Memorial Hospital. 

The Ministry and the team of specialists are planning a project on the prevention of non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

The project will focus mainly on primary healthcare, such as the early detection of metabolic disorders, and the proton of a healthy lifestyle.

During their stay, the health officials also met with Kevin Bernard, Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr. Julio Sabido, CEO of the ministry, Dr. Fedel Cuellar, Deputy Director of Public Health and Wellness, and other senior management officials of the ministry.

Additionally, the specialists visited regional hospitals and polyclinics across the country as well as the Diabetes and Kidney Associations.

Through this mission, the ministry of Health and Wellness and TaiwanICDF were able to reach a consensus on the project outcomes, with TaiwanICDF sharing their conclusions from onsite visits and the ministry sharing their opinions from their managerial experience. 

Тhе рrојесt рrороѕаl іѕ nоw bеіng fіnаlіzеd.

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