Far Eastern Memorial Hospital
Far Eastern Memorial Hospital


Far Eastern Memorial Hospital

Continuing improvement in medical quality. Contributing high-quality medical service to the society


FEMH is the largest medical center in New Taipei City. The hospital is consistently developing innovative, state-of-the-art medical technologies, forming professional medical teams, and delivering excellence.

Main Service

亞醫40--堅守初衷 創新價值

The 40 years of FEMH - adhere to the original intention and innovate value

Since its establishment in 1981, it has made great efforts to develop. In 2001, the first phase of expansion was completed and advanced medical equipment was introduced to become a modern hospital with international standards; In 2006, FEMH upgraded to a medical center; was carried out to move towards a world-class medical center. The second phase of the hospital expansion was completed in 2015, the hospital area doubled, the number of outpatient services exceeded 1.3 million every year, and the volume of emergency services ranked fourth in China, which was deeply affirmed by the people.


薪火相傳 亞東醫院院長交接

Dr. Chiu, Kuanming took over as president of FEMH

The handover ceremony of the president of FEMH was held on July 29. Dr. Lin, Fang Yue handed over the position of president to Dr. Chiu, Kuanming, who is also a cardiac surgery expert and has served as the vice president of medical treatment for nearly 10 years.


The hero team of FEMH guarded the frontline of epidemic prevention

When the deputy leader of the medical response team of the epidemic command center, said on Facebook, “kneel down and thank the Taiwan No. 1 sister team of FEMH against COVID-19, who opened 58 dedicated ICUs and undertook 11% of the number of ICU intensive care patients in Taiwan. Everyone knows the Athena of FEMH ICU, the section chief Dr. Chang, Houtai overnight.



Gold medal of the International Osteoporosis Foundation

The care effectiveness of the osteoporosis team of the orthopaedic department of FEMH has won the highest gold medal! This shows the osteoporosis care of FEMH has reached the international standard.



Importing the remote diagnosis and treatment platform

In line with the epidemic prevention policy, on the one hand, FEMH implements outpatient load reduction; on the other hand, with the assistance of FET, it promotes telemedicine service and integrates the remote diagnosis and treatment platform and system of the hospital developed by FET to meet the medical needs of acute and chronic patients. As long as people download the APP, they can carry out self-service registration, awaiting diagnosis and video consultation, so as to reduce the frequency of going to the hospital and the risk of infection.



Working with FEMH, YZU will received graduate school student of Medicine next year.

YZU and FEMH apply for the establishment of Medicine and Nursing College, and the graduate school of Medicine has been approved by the Ministry of Education to recruit students from the next year.

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