Telecom & Internet ─ Connecting for better lives

Telecom & Internet ─ Connecting for better lives

In January 1998, Far EasTone Telecommunications Co., Ltd. officially opened its doors for business. Proof of Taiwan’s telecommunications liberalization, it would lead FEG into a new era of communication without boundaries.

In the early days, consumers primarily purchased cell phones for work. As society has evolved, cellular phones have become necessary for all facets of communication including maintaining interpersonal relationships. When the Legislative Yuan amended the telecommunications law in 1996, and the Ministry of Transportation and Communications lifted its restrictions and allowed use of cellular phones, pagers, and three other types of wireless communication devices, AT&T of the U.S. joined with the Far Eastern Group to establish Far EasTone Telecommunications preparatory office as a joint venture.

In 1998, Far EasTone launched receiving tremendous success after two years of focused market research to better incorporate telecommunications services into daily life. Not only did it introduce the innovative prepaid communication card – IF Card, changing many people’s cellular phone usage habits; it was also the first to launch financial information services - MobileInfo. Where consumers can get the most up-to-date information on stocks, foreign exchange, sports, travel, weather, news, cultural events, movies, and more.

Since Far EasTone’s founding, it has strived to touch our daily lives with innovative services. In 12 years, Far EasTone’s accomplishments have influenced the finance, medical, entertainment, e-commerce, community and emergency service industries, as the company has strived to meet customers’ needs. Far EasTone Vice Chairman Jan Nilsson indicates that compared to customers from other countries, Taiwanese customers are more open to new products, services, and concepts. “Consumers have high expectations of Far EasTone. This is our motivation for innovation.” Due to the globalization of the telecommunications industry and saturation of Taiwan’s telecommunications market, Far EasTone has set its focus on Greater China. In 2009, Far EasTone forged a strategic alliance with China Mobile. This alliance marks a tactical milestone in Taiwan’s telecommunications history.

Far EasTone’s innovative products are specifically targeted at the Chinese market. The company proactively established an alliance with Taiwan’s renowned Eslite Bookstore to promote digital readers and hopes to establish itself as the most influential entity promoting cultural knowledge in the Chinese community. Far Eastern Group also consolidated its telecommunications companies in preparation for the new digital era. In 2008, Far EasTone, New Century InfoComm Tech Co., Ltd. and Digital United Inc. were integrated into the “FEG Telecom Sector” to achieve synergy and provide integrated mobile communications, broadband, media and international services. It became a one-stop shop for consumers, satisfying their needs and allowing them to select desired services with ease. It is believed that the Telecom Sector integration will give Far EasTone the edge in this competitive market.


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