Ya Tung Girls' Basketball Team - Legend of Sports

Ya Tung Girls' Basketball Team - Legend of Sports

In responding to government policy of sport promotion, the Founder Y. Z. Hsu was inspired by a business sponsored Japanese Girls Vollyball Team who won the 1964 Olympic Gold and the whole country was enthusiastic about it. He then in 1965, established the first Girls' Basketball Team and named it "Ya Tung" after 2 sponsored companies: Asia Cement (Ya-Zhou Siu-Ni) and Far Eastern Textile (Yuan-Tung Fan-Zhi).

Ya Tung Girls’ Basketball Team is the first women’s basketball team to be completely supported by local businesses; in the 1970s, the team built a sound reputation in international competition.

Ya Tung Girls’ Basketball Team represents Taiwan for basketball evernt at other country.

Far Eastern Group Founder Mr. Yu-Ziang Hsu applied business management to establish policies and a long-term development plan to nurture athletes. Establishing ground rules for businesses wishing to sponsor a newly created women’s basketball team, the resulting team would raise the standard of women’s basketball in Taiwan. Ya Tung Girls’ Basketball Team was invited to more than 10 countries in Asia, America, and Europe for friendly competition, which while a popular trend, improved Taiwan’s foreign affairs, opened cultural exchanges, and sparked a growth in women’s basketball teams among businesses and increased popularity of women’s basketball in general in Taiwan. At the height of popularity in Taiwan’s basketball, the Ya Tung Girls’ Basketball team members exhibited charisma and good character upholding their promise they held with Mr. Yu-Ziang Hsu that “All new team members must take sportsmanship and ethics seriously, and develop and display correct manners and etiquette.” 

When Ya Tung Girl’s Basketball Team competed in the United Kingdom, foreign teams were curious: “How can they play so well and all still be so beautiful and well-mannered?” The team was not only skillful in playing basketball; they also were prime examples of that era and its unique women’s culture.

In hopes of reviving the same effect, Ya Tung Girls’ Basketball Team was re-launched 40 years later. 

In 2004, following current trends, the first annual women’s 3-on-3 basketball competition was held and would be sponsored by Far EasTone Telecommunications. This was the first 3-on-3 basketball competition strictly for women players. Besides promoting women’s sports to increase health and confidence, the event was also set up to find blossoming new talent. This cup was officially turned over to Far Eastern Department Stores to manage, and renamed the Far Eastern Department Store Cup. The first time this cup was hosted in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan, it invited a cross section of both male and female basketball lovers to the competition. After six overall cups, over 3,000 teams composed of over 10,000 male and female athletes had competed. Picking up the torch from the Ya Tung Girls’ Basketball team, the Far Eastern Department Store Cup has created a much needed summer sports trend and hopefully will continue to attract more young men and women to join contributing to a healthier and more optimistic outlook and lifestyle.

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