Far Eastern Magazine

Far Eastern Magazine

The Far Eastern Group’s internal publication, Far Eastern Magazine, has been published for more than 20 years. It has been the recipient of Taiwan’s outstanding business magazine award numerous times, presented by the Taipei City Council and Taiwan’s Labor Affairs Bureau. From 1995 to 2000, it received the award over six consecutive years. The magazine’s staff has certainly raised the bar for its peers in the business magazine field.

Far Eastern Monthly Magazine Inaugural Issue

Far Eastern Magazine is filled with rich content. It covers industry information, health and life, fashion and lifestyle trends, travel, and literature. First published in August 1990, the Magazine’s original mission was to pass down the Group founder’s business spirit and improve internal communication within our Group. All of the content production, editing and layout, paper and printing quality are managed with adherence to the highest standards. The publishing team, consisting of over 30 members, travels from all over Taiwan to participate in editorial meetings every month to provide the most current information related to their business organization.

The magazine’s publisher, Benjamin Shih, emphasizes that the objective for publishing this magazine is to improve internal communication and information sharing. Far Eastern Magazine’s content can be divided into three categories: industry reports and policy introductions, group events and activities, and lifestyle information. Every year, the 12 major business units within our Group discuss current trends across diverse industries including the arts and culture. The executive management teams utilize this opportunity to share their observations and analysis of the markets. Different reports on various industries can spark new ideas related to their work. It also fosters loyalty to the group.

The predecessor of Far Eastern Magazine was Happy Family magazine. Back in the era of limited distribution of information, it was the magazine which pioneered the modern trend in Taiwan fashion and consumer products. It created a new information channel, and over time evolved into Far Eastern Magazine to engender internal communication within Far Eastern Group. In 2001, the magazine introduced a web edition as well as a regular e-mail newsletter to reach more friends of Far Eastern Group. This concurrently reduced the printing costs and paper needed to print over 10,000 magazines, which furthered our efforts in environmental protection. In the future, with expansion into China, the magazine will provide a cross-straits communication platform spanning China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. 
Far Eastern Magazine and its predecessor, Happy Family Magazine

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