"No Turning Back at the Pandemic" Do the Right Things With or Without the Pandemic

A covid-19 epidemic has disrupted the original pace of the world. The epidemic that was supposed to slow down has warmed up under the attack of Omicron variant virus, which once again awakens the importance of correct epidemic prevention attitude and action.

"Epidemic without turning back" shows that every medical colleague of Far Eastern Memorial Hospital, in addition to medical specialty, strives to protect your and my health in order to pursue the meaning and sense of mission of life and work; When the team encounters the crisis threat of life and death and race against the clock, how to jump out of the framework and use the management connotation of team cooperation, individual division of labor and agile organization to win a beautiful battle.

In the face of the biggest crisis in the past 40 years, Dr. Chiu and Kuanming, President of the hospital, started the epidemic prevention measures and experience accumulated in the past with the management method of "first have the will, then talk about resources" and "attitude determines the height and preparation speed", gave full play to the preparation of the whole hospital, broke the slash between departments, helped each other and cooperated with each other, created a record of successfully blocking the spread of the virus in two weeks, and successfully reversed the victory!

What is particularly touching is that when the national highway etc just started on the road, it also faced the internal and external attack and the imminent crisis. As an enterprise manager, we must effectively use risk wisdom, decision-making and flexible execution to calmly deal with the changeable world situation. I also often share with my colleagues that in the past, the silo type of organization has long been out of line with the current situation. Only by breaking the organization and taking on the mission and common goals, can "all staff" have a chance of success.

I was deeply impressed by the book "ten strategic measures for hospital infection events in Far Eastern Memorial Hospital", which summarized three "blocking overseas" items: Outpatient load reduction, expanded PCR screening and no entry and no exit; Seven measures of "prevention in China", such as comprehensive indoor elimination, regular sampling and inspection by colleagues in high-risk areas, and emergency procurement of PCR machines to double the sampling and inspection capacity, can be used as a reference for medical hospitals.

The gap of scientific and technological epidemic prevention and control and the cooperation between officials and people to fight the virus. Far Eastern Memorial Hospital and New Taipei municipal government fell into the hardest hit area of Banqiao last year, with the cumulative number of confirmed cases ranking first in the country; While cleaning up the nosocomial infection, the hospital still stood up to support the New Taipei municipal government to complete the major task of expanding the capacity of intensive care beds in the shortest time; It is worth mentioning that the colleagues of Far Eastern Memorial Hospital can also be seen at the special screening station for cluster events in Huannan market, Taipei, which makes people fully feel the win-win and common good of you and me.

The "Taijie team" highly praised by the media represents the intensive care units of various departments that receive patients with severe coronary heart disease. The medical care here must give the patients the best and immediate care, but also personally see the life and death under the epidemic. When the last side of relatives must say goodbye with eyes through the glass window, or can only say the last goodbye by video, the full intensive care unit provides "warm medical treatment", and the fragility of life reminds the importance of self epidemic prevention.

The book also summarizes how psychiatrists can accompany patients to fight the epidemic, help colleagues against pressure and tide over difficulties in this new crown storm. It is commendable that the "quick strike force" of Oriental Petrochemical (Taiwan) also went out of the hospital to take care of the long term care families who were unable to go out and receive the vaccine; Despite the psychological impact of taking the initiative to enter the community in the early stage and being cast with different eyes and mengspray alcohol, we still try our best to do a good job in the whole process of protection, win the trust and peace of mind of family members, and then complete the task of beating.

The first-line epidemic prevention medical staff in Taiwan have worked hard to shoulder the burden of protecting people's health. When the epidemic situation is tense again, "epidemic without looking back" reminds us to "review the old and know the new". During the Spring Festival, it is suggested to make more use of video new year greetings and digital red packets, and try to avoid group meals and people flow contact. Regardless of your and my concerted efforts, we will be able to win again!

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FE Magazine 2022/02

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