FET supports Changhua campus to enable energy management system

FET supports Changhua campus to enable energy management system

        Far EasTone telecommunications, with its self-developed "energy management system (EMS)", assisted the Changhua County Education Department in the "air conditioning in every classroom" project, covering 213 primary and secondary schools with more than 6000 classrooms. On April 18, Changhua County Government held a press conference on the opening ceremony of "Changhua primary and secondary school campus air conditioning and energy management system" at Yuanlin elementary school. Wang Huimei, mayor of Changhua County, and Gao Huanyuan, vice president of enterprise and international business group in Far EasTone , all attended.

        Gao Huanyuan, vice president of FET, said that FET has developed innovative applications of diversified urban governance with 5G combined with "big data + AI + IOT" (big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of things ) technology. Among them, "energy management system (EMS)" is independently developed by FET, which can be used for power consumption monitoring of campus, residence, commercial office and plant to realize intelligent energy management. This application also won the "2022 Smart City Innovation and Application Award". FET is honored to work with Changhua County to contribute to environmental sustainability. It will also continue to use science and technology to help public departments and enterprises promote the optimization of energy efficiency.

        The energy management system introduced by FET in Changhua campus has the AI enhanced learning air conditioning demand response function, which can carry out energy-saving control according to the habit of opening and closing the cold air and the temperature rise prediction; In addition, it can support the identity authentication service of the education system in Changhua County, and provide one tablet computer for each school to achieve walking management through app program management and to enrich energy teaching materials at the same time.

        FET uses the energy management system to support the "air conditioning in every classroom" project in 9 counties and cities, including Changhua County. At present, it has covered 1290 primary and secondary schools. It is expected to reduce 2295 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year, equivalent to the annual absorption of 6 Da'an forest parks. In the future, we will continue to use "big data + AI + IOT" technology to promote more digital upgrade applications and accelerate the realization of smart campus.

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