ACC Passed SBTi Review, Making It Rank Among The World-Class Cement Companies

ACC Passed SBTi Review, Making It Rank Among The World-Class Cement Companies

With global warming and climate change becoming more and more serious, Asia Cement Corporation is committed to promoting green production process and reducing environmental impact. On March 30, it announced on March 30 that it has passed the SBTi review, becoming the fourth cement company in the world that set carbon reduction targets and specifically responded to global climate control of rising temperature below 2 ° C. K. y. Lee, president of Asia Cement Corporation said that Asia Cement Corporation has never forgotten its original intention and pursued excellence. In the future, it will continue to use new technologies to reduce resource consumption, get along with nature and achieve the goal of being environmentally- friendly.

SBTi is an organization jointly sponsored by CDP, United Nations Global Compact, World Resources Institute and World Wildlife Fund to achieve the goal of global warming control within 2° C based on the total carbon emissions, promote enterprises to adopt a more scientific way to achieve energy conservation and carbon reduction.

The scientific reduction commitment of Asia Cement Corporation is to set 2019 as the base year, and promise to reduce the emission intensity of the headquarter in Taipei, Hsinchu factory, Hualien factory, cement cementitious materials in category one and category two by 8% by 2025, which is equivalent to reducing greenhouse gas emissions of more than 258000 tons. To achieve this goal, Asia Cement Corporation implements carbon reduction actions in two major directions. First of all, it actively promotes recycled economy, reduces the use of natural minerals and fuels, and uses calcined wastes, by-products with high calcium content, and wastes containing biomass from other industries as alternative fuels; Secondly, through scientific actuarial calculation, it adjusts the proportion of limestone in the production process to reduce the use of clinker with high carbon emission. Taking the international ASTM C595 hydraulic mixed cement standard as an example, the upper limit of limestone in cement is 15%. At present, some exported cement of Asia Cement Corporation has been produced according to international standards, which is in line with the trend of energy saving and carbon reduction in the world.

According to statistics, in 2020, Asia Cement Corporation used 239000 tons of alternative raw materials and fuels, with a total carbon reduction of 60000 tons, which is equivalent to the annual carbon adsorption capacity of 160 Da'an forest parks. Asia Cement Corporation is confident of reducing carbon emissions year by year, going ahead of SBTi schedule and reaching the target ahead of time.

In May last year, Hualien plant of Asia Cement Corporation won international recognition, and achieved ISO 14067 product carbon footprint standard, ISO 14046 product water footprint standard, and optimizing level of BS 8001 recycled economy business model maturity, becoming the first cement company in the world to achieve recycled economy standard, cement product carbon footprint standard and water footprint standard. It is also the first cement manufacturer to check the carbon footprint of products from raw materials, manufacturing process to products based on the concept of life cycle; Asia Cement Corporation also participates in the global cement and Concrete Association (GCCA), and together with 40 major cement companies in the world, it promises to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality of cement and concrete by 2050. Asia Cement Corporation has established a complete response strategy, and will be committed to climate change management action, implementing energy conservation and carbon reduction, building a green home, strengthening ecological education, and achieving environmental sustainability.

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