Marco Vazzoler is Appointed as the New General Manager of Taipei Hotel

Marco Vazzoler is Appointed as the New General Manager of Taipei Hotel

Shangri-La Far Eastern, Taipei welcomes its newly appointed area general manager, Marco Vazzoler, who also oversees Shangri-La Far Eastern, Tainan and Mega 50. With 40 years’ experience in the hospitality industry and various other luxury hotel brands on several continents and in countries such as Italy, Russia, the United States, Brazil, China, Philippines and Taiwan, he is a seasoned and sophisticated hotelier skilled in covering all aspects of the hotel’s operations.

A native Italian, Vazzoler brings with him strategic thinking and great knowledge from his diverse career path.  His first job as a hotelier started in 1983 with Hilton chain at the Hilton Milan Hotel.  Since then, he has occupied several management positions with Four Seasons Hotel Group in Four Seasons Hotel Milano, Four Seasons Hotel Chicago, followed by the opening of the Hotel Fasano São Paulo and Oriental Express Belmond Grand Hotel Europe, St. Petersburg.  All were the most iconic hotels at that time.

His Shangri-La journey started in 2007, with the brand’s hospitality from the heart and thoughtful service proving a perfect match for Vazzoler’s ambition and loyalty.  He was appointed by the Shangri-La Group at Shangri-La Hotel in Wuhan, Pudong and Dalian.  At the same time, Vazzoler is no stranger to Taiwan.  He served as the general manager of Shangri-La Far Eastern, Tainan for three years in 2010.  Before returning to Taiwan, he was the general manager of Jing An Shangri-La Shanghai and Edsa Shangri-La Manila. "It feels like coming back home as I had such a wonderful time when I first arrived on this beautiful island.  I am very excited to work with the excellent team in Taipei,” said Vazzoler.

Awarded as “Best Business Hotel in Taipei” by Business Traveler Asia Pacific for five consecutive years and recently voted as “The Most Fabulous Hotel in Taiwan” by EZtravel, Vazzoler is very proud of the achievement that Shangri-La Far Eastern, Taipei has achieved and is also confident on taking the hotel to the next level with his innovation, aim to perfection and by driving the synergy of the three properties in Taiwan. “I believe that happy employees make happy customers,” Vazzoler emphasized.  His genuine warmth, desire to support talent and respect for different cultures and his open mind will continue to create a happy working environment.  He also believes that teamwork and communications are the key to success.  Everyone needs to be united as one and pursue the same goal: to create memorable experiences with Asian hospitality for our guests.  With the inspiration of the "good life", he is orchestrating a variety of projects to target different clientele and create an unforgettable journey for guests to live, work, play, rest well and enjoy food at the hotel. Fluent in Italian, English and Portuguese, he is also picking up some Mandarin to add to his repertoire.  When it’s his turn to explore a city, Vazzoler starts with its cuisine.  A true foodie and culinary connoisseur, he is thrilled to be back in this foodie’s paradise and looking forward to sampling Taipei’s inventive and diverse restaurant scene.  As a keen cyclist who has travelled around Taiwan by bike a few times already, he is keen to challenge himself to discover more hidden spots.

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