FEDS Chubei Store Integrates Local Culture With Sustainable Fashion and Innovation

FEDS Chubei Store Integrates Local Culture With Sustainable Fashion and Innovation

FEDS launched a new store in Hsinchu County, setting off a wave of topics in the greater Hsinchu area.

"Wow, there are Hakka mountain city round buildings, ancient houses of Sanheyuan and old Hakka streets in the department store!" "There are Gucci, burberry and rimowa in Hsinchu!" "You don't need to go to Taipei to eat lady m, Xuji and Hooters!" Far Eastern Department Stores launched an army in Hsinchu County, setting off a wave of topics in the greater Hsinchu area. This issue of "special report" will take you to see what is unique about this novel store with local culture?

Golden green building "hospitality" interior punch hot

Zhubei store of Far Eastern Department stores, located in Hsinchu County, has a business area of 20000 square meters, 4 floors underground and 8 floors above ground, with a total of 1485 customer car parking spaces.

As Hsinchu County is a typical Hakka County, the Hakka family group accounts for about 84% of the total population of the county, known as "hospitable bamboo county". In order to perfectly reflect the spirit of Hakka culture, Far Eastern Department Stores Zhubei continues the faith A13 of Far Eastern Department stores, showing the characteristics of creativity and ingenuity from the architectural appearance, taking the round tower of Hakka mountain city as the architectural image, and the sky garden on the top floor is full of green; Inside the shopping mall, the simple beauty of "Hakka ancient house" and "Hakka old street" are reproduced in the original flavor. There are beautiful scenery everywhere, leading the new trend of hospitality. In particular, the ancient house of the seventh floor Sanheyuan is full of human feelings. On January 14, Douglas Hsu and Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wenke opened the box for trial operation. County magistrate Yang sat on the wooden tables and chairs of the ancient house and immediately fell into his memory. It is said that he sat in the courtyard and talked with his family after school as a child.

Looking up from the fifth floor to the eighth floor, there is a super spectacular circular landscape of the "Hakka round building". A large number of wooden interiors are decorated with colorful Hakka totems and red lanterns, which makes people feel as if they are in the traditional Hakka Earth Building and experience the most powerful but delicate cultural beauty. Real large-scale sky landscaping, blue sky and white clouds come into view, and the color of the sky will continue to change, symbolizing the sequence rotation of the day, which shows the delicacy and intention of the architectural design of Far Eastern Department stores in Zhubei.

International Art temperament decorates a good life

The outer square on the first floor of Far Eastern Department stores has two large-scale public art buildings, namely "Far Eastern New Century Corporation" and "elegant Tongyang, rich bamboo overflow". Among them, "Far Eastern New Century Corporation" is the work of Israeli artist David Gerstein. It is composed of two main elements: butterflies and tornadoes. The red bright whirlwind spiral cylinder extends from bottom to top and is decorated with colorful large-scale painted butterflies, symbolizing beauty, joy, transformation and rebirth, Tornadoes represent the gathering of energy in nature. Hsinchu is famous for wind. This work also brings enthusiasm and vitality to shopping malls.

Another "elegant Tongyang and rich bamboo overflow" artwork is created by Chen Hongcheng, a well-known artist in Taiwan. It uses the traditional bamboo basket used for gift giving in Hakka culture, matches the pattern of Hakka Tonghua, and combines with the modern bow ribbon to show the beautiful atmosphere of shopping, gift giving and reunion. It is hoped that far Eastern Department Stores Zhubei can drive the local economic development, Let everyone have a rich harvest, happiness and peace.


When you get to the first floor, don't forget to look up and enjoy the scenery! The stunning public art exhibit "hospitable ceiling" on the first floor was created by the famous Japanese art master Da Juan Shinji. It turns the spirit of respecting heaven and earth and loving nature into the image of "dragon", which complements and complements Hakka culture.

The transportation is convenient, and the intelligent service is more convenient for the people

Continuing the smart shopping mall planning of Far Eastern Department Stores Xinyi A13, Far Eastern Department Stores Zhubei not only provides the considerate service of "smart pick" without bag and easy pick-up, and "quick and convenient 2.0" without getting off and quick pick-up, but also has a large intelligent interactive LCD panel at the service desk on the first floor, which uses digital technology to shorten the distance from customers.

In terms of the actual transportation distance, Far Eastern Department stores is located in Zhubei Zhuangjing North Road, adjacent to Hsinchu Science Park. It can be reached by driving national highway 1 down Zhubei exchange Road, and it is only a few minutes' drive from the high-speed railway station. Although the transportation is very convenient, Far Eastern Department stores still plans a two-way shuttle service, passing through Hsinchu Station of high-speed railway, Zhubei station and Liujia station of Taiwan Railway, providing people with convenient and diversified choices.

The key is to attract the commodity power of all customers

If you want to seize a place in daxianzhu area, of course, you must have strong commodity power. Far Eastern Department Stores Zhubei has nearly 350 brand counters, including dozens of well-known large-scale brand stores, which provide full-scale Commodity services, and introduces international fashion boutiques into Hsinchu County for the first time. In addition to Gucci, the international first-line boutique in Hsinchu for the first time, there are Burberry, Loewe, boutique suitcase rimowa Liyi group is the first time Vall é e top watch store in Taiwan (including Baume & Mercier, Cartier, IWC, JLC, panai, Piaget and other brands), top electric vehicle Tesla... And other super counters.

In addition, the catering lineup of Far Eastern Department stores in Zhubei is also unique, and nearly 80% of the brands are exclusive to Hsinchu. Among them, the five catering brands of Xianbin group (xujihe food collection, xiaofuli hot pot club, sure enough Hui, kaifanchuan canteen and Siam more Thai style restaurant of xiantaiduo) come together at one time, especially xujihe food collection, xiaofuli hot pot club Sure enough, the three major brands of Huihui are stationed in Hsinchu for the first time. The expected top Japanese and food buffet Xuji and food collection cover an area of more than 400 square meters, hoping to provide the most comfortable dining experience for the people. Not only that, lady m, a top dessert brand from New York, also made a grand debut as the largest domestic store in Taiwan. In addition to high-quality cakes, it also introduced dinner series to provide consumers with multiple choices. There are also many delicious dishes, such as well-known Japanese Hedian sushi, well-known American restaurant hotels, international luxury tea brand TWG tea, exclusive Steve Madden compound coffee shop in Taiwan, hanlai Shanghai soup bag, serving. Sliced duck store, Tandao Hong Kong Tea Restaurant, Tim ho Wan, Lefan fried chicken, jipinchu Banquet Hong Kong style tea house... And so on.

Far Eastern Department Stores Zhubei reinterprets classics, integrates popular styles, shows new ideas, and brings together hedonic elements such as shopping, leisure, entertainment and delicious food to meet the needs of every customer in an all-round way. Are you excited? Take your family to Far Eastern Department stores in Zhubei to experience a new shopping experience!

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