FET 5G Ranked World #1 in 5G by Opensignal!

FET 5G Ranked World #1 in 5G by Opensignal!

Taiwan’s 5G Network Quality Recognized Globally

Opensignal, the independent mobile analytics company, has announced the latest “5G Global Mobile Network Experience Awards,” in which it evaluated global 5G service providers based on user experience during the first half of 2021. The findings of its report show that Far EasTone (FET) ranks as the global winner in three key categories: “5G Download Speed,” “5G Upload Speed,” and “5G Video Experience.” FET’s peak 5G Download Speed during the first half of 2021 a whopping 447.8Mbps, far surpassing the nearest competitor clocking in at 417.6Mbps.  

President Chee Ching: Taiwan and FET are leaders in 5G

While the commercial launch of 5G in Taiwan was not the world’s first, the island can pride itself in having surpassed all other markets in 5G services that launched earlier. And within Taiwan, FET emerged as the clear leader in three key categories, achieving speeds 10 times faster than current 4G speeds. FET’s #1 speed performance includes the “5G Upload Speed” category, which is critical in today’s age of content creation and uploading. The video experience, another essential category for end-users, also saw FET’s network perform the best in the world, according to Opensignal’s report.

In addition to being the global winner in the three categories, FET was also been identified as the global leader in other categories. “Far EasTone and Ericsson, which is the operator’s sole network provider for 5G, continuously aim to gain the leading edge in 5G with innovation and optimization in the network infrastructure,” said Chee Ching, President of Far EasTone Telecom. We always strive

to offer end-users in Taiwan the best 5G experience, so public recognition as a global front-runner by Opensignal is a great honor for FET.

“Our leading 5G performance must also in large part be attributed to the sophisticated and advanced 5G planning and promotion of the government in Taiwan. It has laid a solid foundation for the island to become a fully-digitized economy and FET is committed to providing the best-in-class network experience and services to end-users,” said President Chee Ching of Far EasTone Telecom.

Chafic Nassif, President, Ericsson Taiwan, says: “Far EasTone’s recognition as the global number 1 in 5G download speed, 5G upload Speed and 5G video experience is the result of a healthy and successful partnership with Ericsson. It not only positions FET as a role model globally, but also demonstrates FET and Ericsson’s leadership in 5G network performance. It also proves our clear strategic focus of on delivering the best user experiences. Ericsson and FET continuously push the boundaries of what is possible, imagining what is possible, and executing on the 5G potential to advance Taiwan’s 5G development and drive the digitalization of society.”

The Pandemic Has Changed the Way People Live  5G Enriches Our New Daily Life

The pandemic has changed the way we live, and we are more dependent on mobile network. The 5G network plays a vital role in making our lives easier and experiences smoother! Far EasTone’s world-leading 5G speed will turn smart bus, smart streetlight, and autonomous vehicle into new daily norms in the future with its high speed, low latency, and massive communications. 5G is even more instrumental in the area of entertainment; not only does 5G network bring smoother games experience, high-quality video, and multi-perspective concert, it also enables wider applications of AR and VR, and even provides high-resolution videos in 4K or 8K for VR experience. Consumers will no longer experience dizziness or discomfort caused by image smear resulting from slow network speed, and enjoy the most optimal

audiovisual experience! In addition to eliminating all delays when you count down to New Year at home, with the 5G network, you will not have to worry about network speed when you are live-streaming or attending online meetings! A future world of 5G has quietly arrived, and Far EasTone’s world-leading network speed will bring users richer 5G life experiences!

World No. 1! “Far EasTone B.A.I.” Nurtures Competitiveness of Taiwan’s Enterprises

Taiwan, with its unique geographical location, is the hub of the greater East Asian region, and enhancing international competitiveness has always been the greatest goal and challenge of the government and enterprises. Far EasTone has focused on sectors like smart manufacturing, smart energy, and remote healthcare, and collaborated with major local companies to form the “National 5G Private Network RAN Ecosphere” in aim to establish Taiwan’s key status within the international supply chain. Relying on its team that has built the world’s no. 1 5G network, Far EasTone utilizes technologies like network virtualization architecture and edge computing to respond to the industry’s demands for diverse applications, while also providing advanced network architecture services needed by businesses to help them to enhance Taiwan’s 5G capacity and value.

Far EasTone’s 5G private network has great stability and security, as well as high mobility and flexibility in terms of data transmission and spatial planning, allowing production lines to become more intelligent. In factories, enterprises make use of AI data detection and analysis, transmitting data in real time through the 5G network to significantly enhance detection precision and yield rate, ultimately improving output value. Through the “5G B.A.I” (Big Data, AI, IoT) technology, Far EasTone’s 5G private network includes the industry’s demands for planning and development and offers Taiwan’s innovative applications diverse solutions, making it the best driver of industrial upgrade that catapults Taiwanese enterprises onto the world stage!

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