ISPO Functional Textile Fashion Trend Award

ISPO Functional Textile Fashion Trend Award

FENC's green products won the ISPO Functional Textile Fashion Trend Award

        Germany's "ispo textrends international textile trend Award" is like an Oscar in the global textile industry, and it is also a worldwide textile exhibition platform. Far eastern New Century Corporation is the world's exclusive development of sustainable innovative technology fabric fenc ® TOPGREEN ® Bio3, won the "ispo textends 2022 - functional textile trends - fw23 / 24 best environmental protection product award".

        In response to the goal of carbon neutralization in 2050, far eastern New Century Corporation cooperates with lanzatech, a brand and innovative technology company, to collect a large amount of waste gas from steel plants with "carbon capture" technology, convert it into polyester raw materials, and then make waste gas recovery yarn, which can directly achieve energy conservation and carbon reduction, reduce environmental pollution, reduce dependence on petrochemical and biomass raw materials, and 30% GHG greenhouse gas emissions. In terms of the process, it is more combined with the water-saving nylon (stock dyeing) process, eliminating the dyeing process. In the drawing stage, it is made into dope dye color yarn by adding color pigment. Compared with the traditional water dyeing technology, it saves 61% of water, 67% of energy consumption and 85% of GHG greenhouse gas emissions. In the melt spinning stage, the color pigment and fiber are evenly and fully integrated, and the bright color and saturation can be better than the traditional dyeing and finishing cloth, with better sun resistance and washing resistance, And significantly reduce energy use. Outstanding technology has made far eastern New Century Corporation stand out from more than 200 material suppliers around the world and won the highest honor "best product award for best environmental protection".

        In the future, far eastern New Century Corporation will continue to build a green supply chain, take go innovative and sustainability to provide high-specification functional fabrics, recycled economy and carbon reduction and regeneration as textile production objectives, and make far eastern New Century Corporation's sustainable environmental protection products unique in the world and maintain high competitiveness.

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FE Magazine 2022/04

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