On the Road of Net Zero! ACC and YTRM are Both Certified

On the Road of Net Zero! ACC and YTRM are Both Certified

Asia Cement Corporation (ACC), as a leading brand in Taiwan's cement industry, in the face of international sustainable trends, not only proposed the goal of SBTi scientific carbon reduction, but also reached the goal ahead of plan through actively developing recycled economy and producing low-carbon cement! The subsidiary Ya Tung Ready Mixed Concrete Corporation (YTRM) also won Taiwan's first carbon label certificate for concrete products a few days ago, taking a big step towards carbon neutrality. Both companies have shown positive actions and outstanding results on the Initiative of carbon reduction. Therefore, on June 14, both companies were certified by Taiwan Alliance for Net Zero Emission to set a green benchmark for Taiwan's cement industry.

Taiwan Institute For Sustainable Energy and major enterprises jointly launched Taiwan Alliance for Net Zero Emission. Through the initiative of promoting enterprises to voluntarily apply for the certification of the "net zero label", the alliance promotes the net zero action through the two-stage method of "commitment" and "achievement". It calls on the headquarters and offices of the organization to reach the goal of net zero emissions by 2030 and the production and service sites by 2050.

Zhang, Zhipeng, vice president and Plant Chief Manager of ACC, who represented Asia Cement Corporation to attend the certification ceremony, said that as long as carbon emissions are low, the competitiveness of the cement industry can be improved! As a member of the earth, net zero is a road that must be taken. ACC is moving towards the goal of net zero carbon emission in a rhythmic way, fulfilling its social responsibility and pursuing sustainability development.

Jin, Chongren, President of Ya Tung Ready Mixed Concrete Corporation, who was also certified, said that in order to encourage all walks of life in Taiwan to achieve the goal of net zero through energy-saving measures, process improvement, energy substitution, forest management, carbon capture and storage, and the use of carbon rights exchange, YTRM will also do its best to contribute it.

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