FENC Earns National Recognition at Sustainable Development Awards

FENC Earns National Recognition at Sustainable Development Awards

Embarking on its journey from core competencies, FENC sets a paradigm for sustainable success in business, society, and environmental stewardship.

FENC, a leading player in sustainable development, was recognized at the National Sustainable Development Awards ceremony organized by the Executive Yuan's Sustainable Development Commission on November 30th. The event marked FENC's inaugural application, and Chairman Douglas Tong Hsu personally attended the award ceremony.

Chairman Hsu expressed, "FENC aspires to be a beacon, motivating more companies to engage in sustainable development, collectively propelling us towards a future of low-carbon mutual prosperity."

FENC has long been committed to the circular economy, establishing comprehensive "land, ocean, and air" leading circular recycling technologies. The Company continually dedicates itself to innovative product applications, securing a global leadership position in the fields of high-value food-grade rPET and ocean polyester filament.

To address the global issue of textile waste, FENC actively developed the r-TEX textile recycling technology. The functional sustainable running jerseys, worn by nearly 4,000 runners during the FENC Classic Marathon in October, showcased the Company's commitment. The new production capacity for FENC's fabric recycling is expected to be operational in 2024.

The Company's sustainable and innovative products have garnered international acclaim, with the jerseys worn by the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup champion team Spain and the 2022 FIFA World Cup champion team Argentina both being developed by FENC under the "Ocean Recycled Anti-Bursting Jerseys" initiative. The world's first polyester fabric made from recycled waste gas, coupled with exclusive 3D knitting technology and a waterless dyeing process, received the " 2023 Red Dot Award: Product Design" in Germany, showcasing the Company's internationally recognized innovative sustainable development efforts.

In response to the global net zero vision, FENC has actively undertaken various carbon reduction initiatives. Starting in 2024, the Company will implement internal carbon pricing, covering production bases both domestically and internationally, with plans for renewable energy use across global production sites.

FENC, in its commitment to sustainable finance, has played a leading role by actively raising funds, accumulating a total of NT$54.8 billion. Among them, eight are the first sustainable financial products in Taiwan, Greater China, or Asia. In November, the Company received the Treasury Today Adam Smith Awards from the well-known British finance magazine, being the only awarded enterprise in Taiwan and significantly enhancing international visibility.

To expand its social impact, starting in 2023, FENC has launched a free environmental awareness education program "The Transformative Magic of Circularity" for schools by integrating its core capabilities. This initiative encourages young students to take practical actions that positively impact the environment, with plans to complete 100 sessions by next year, involving over 6,000 participating students.

FENC's sustained commitment to sustainable development has garnered widespread recognition. In 2023, the Company received the " Top 10 Taiwanese Companies Sustainability Model Award" at the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) for the fourth consecutive year. The Company's FTSE Russell ESG score ranks fifth among all listed companies in Taiwan, while its Sustainalytics ESG risk rating places it among the top 2.5% globally in the chemicals industry.

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