ACC Promotes Low-Carbon Products Foster Sustainable Green Building

ACC Promotes Low-Carbon Products Foster Sustainable Green Building

Kaohsiung Building Show 2023, starting on the 8th of this month, runs for four consecutive days at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, featuring themes of smart homes, architectural aesthetics, all-age housing, and sustainable building materials. Asia Cement, making its debut at the show, has attracted significant attention from the market with its proactive promotion of low-carbon products. Asia Cement states that whether it’s low-carbon Portland limestone cement suitable for large-scale projects or low-carbon masonry cement for bricklaying, base coating, and plastering work, these products contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of buildings, making it possible the dream of creating green homes and moving towards zero-emission cities.

Visitors at booth S4100 can be seen holding up recycled folders made from NG cement paper bags, while experiencing the texture and quality of masonry cement, all while continuously inquiring about the characteristics and advantages of low-carbon cement. This exhibit at the Kaohsiung Building Show by Asia Cement is witnessing a constant stream of visitors because green construction is trending, and low-carbon building materials have become the prominent target of development. Asia Cement mentions that the development of low-carbon cement is a long journey. In addition to the advanced nature of technical aspects of alternative materials and clinker ratios in the laboratory, adjustments according to customer preference require repeated explanations from the sales team. Asia Cement’s exclusive masonry cement can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 16%, and after initially being sold only in eastern Taiwan, it has rapidly expanded its sales to other counties and cities in 2022, with sales increasing four to fivefold from 2,000 mt to over 7,000 to 8,000 mt. With positive feedback from users of construction companies and masons and the approval by the Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan for use in accordance with “Public Construction Guide Specifications,” Asia Cement estimates that it will easily surpass the 20,000 mt threshold this year.

Asia Cement was recognized this year as an Asia-Pacific Climate Leader by the Financial Times and the international research firm Statista. This recognition commends companies in the Asia-Pacific region that achieved significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from 2016 to 2021. Among the 275 companies listed, Asia Cement is the only Taiwanese cement company. Asia Cement explains that the cement industry has a high carbon footprint, and being on the list is a tremendous recognition of efforts for all at Asia Cement. In addition to promoting carbon reduction measures, Asia Cement is actively participating in the '1+N Carbon Management Program' initiated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. This involves engaging subsidiary companies and key customers in the compilation of carbon emission inventories and providing guidance on energy-saving practices. This not only collaboratively reduces carbon emissions but also generates carbon credits, which will be a business opportunity in the future, serving as suppliers in carbon trading. However, Asia Cement also calls on regulatory authorities to accelerate the development of domestic regulations for carbon trading, with a clear definition of the relevant supply-demand dynamics and rules of the game to expedite industry efforts in emissions reduction.

The low-carbon transition is now a challenge that every industry must face. The newly established Ministry of the Environment plans to collect carbon fees from over 500 emission sources emitting over 25,000 tons per year by 2025. Asia Cement reiterates that only by consistently and aggressively reducing carbon emissions more than competitors and doing so quickly can they turn the challenge of carbon pricing into an opportunity. This remains the only hard truth for enterprises to survive and thrive, regardless of the carbon trading or carbon fee collection system in place. Asia Cement is committed to fostering self-improvement and enhancing competitiveness in response to the impacts of climate change.

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