Allot Presents an Award to Taiwan’s Far EasTone Telecommunications for Cybersecurity Leadership

Allot Presents an Award to Taiwan’s Far EasTone Telecommunications for Cybersecurity Leadership

Allot Ltd. (NASDAQ: ALLT) (TASE: ALLT), a leading global provider of innovative network intelligence and security-as-a-service (SECaaS) solutions for communication service providers (CSPs) and enterprises, today announced that the company has presented Far EasTone Telecommunications its prestigious Cybersecurity Leadership Award for excellence in cybersecurity leadership. The Cybersecurity Leadership Award acknowledges the service provider’s visionary leadership and strategic direction in the cybersecurity domain. It recognizes their ability to establish and drive a culture of security aiming to protect their customers against cyber threats while exceeding targets and showing growth month over month.

Far EasTone Guardian Network service has experienced substantial growth since it launched in December 2022. During this period, the Guardian Network service has blocked an average of 47 attacks per user per month. This achievement is a result of close collaboration between Far EasTone and Allot, a drive for innovation on the part of both companies and the service provider’s commitment to protecting their customers from cyber threats.

NetworkSecure is a network-based cybersecurity service platform, offering zero-touch, clientless operation, requiring no application installation by the end customer. With NetworkSecure, FET can offer its customers protection from cybersecurity threats, including malware, viruses, phishing and ransomware. An easy-to-use Chinese interface provides branded alerts and reporting that help strengthen brand loyalty.

"Far EasTone Telecommunications is honored to receive this award, as our mission states: 'Your world connected; easier, safer, kinder, and greener.' FET’s Guardian Network service represents our commitment to the network safety for our users. Also, we will strive to exceed clients’ expectations with innovation and technologies," said Chee Ching, President of Far EasTone Telecommunications.

I congratulate our partner, Far EasTone, on receiving the Allot Cybersecurity Leadership Award for their rapid and successful rollout of the Guardian Network service. The user-friendly, zero-touch Allot NetworkSecure-powered solution, coupled with strong management support, led to a significant surge in subscribers to the service," said Erez Antebi, CEO of Allot.

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