ACC leads the industry, integrates the industry chain and acquires ISO Occupational Safety Certification

ACC leads the industry, integrates the industry chain and acquires ISO Occupational Safety Certification

Asia Cement has just acquired ISO 37001 certification for its anti-corruption management system lately. On July 10th, it also announced its acquisition of ISO 45001 certification for occupational health and safety management system. It now leads the industry via the integration of its business units in the industry chain, including head office, plants in Hualien and Hsinchu, various terminals and subsidiaries such as Nan Hwa Cement and Ya Li Precast. All units have passed the certification. Lee, Kun-yen, President of Asia Cement, states that the company is committed to putting all employees first and taking care of them in all aspects. From occupational health and safety, salary and benefits, to promotion and development, Asia Cement insists on improving and transcending itself, enhancing employee’s identity and competitiveness, and achieving sustainable development of the Company.

Asia Cement emphasizes that employees are the company’s most important assets. It is its inevitable duty to create a hazard-free workplace where all employees can work healthily and happily. In order to strictly manage and control risks, occupational safety and health management departments have been established at both headquarters and plants in compliance with the applicable regulation. Management systems are introduced to implement it. Each unit has also organized its respective “Occupational Safety and Health Committee” chaired by the President or Plant Manager. The committee members consist of heads of department, external experts, and labor representatives accounts for more than one-third of the seats. These committees provide recommendations based on the experience from employees at the scene and present improvement plans to the quarterly board meetings.

With the trend of digitalization, Asia Cement has proactively introduced smart occupational safety measures, including establishing control and identification systems for contractors to access specific construction zones and on-site inspection and checkpoint positioning systems. The platform also provides real-time notifications. This further ensures effective management of digitization of occupational safety management. Last year, Asia Cement has introduced a new feature of “approval of permission to access the premises and constructions”. It allows members of occupational safety team to monitor the status of various manufacture processes and construction sites within the plant anytime and anywhere through mobile phones or computers. The team can thereby improve occupational safety management.

Last year, Asia Cement’s Hualien Plant passed the inspection by OSHA, Ministry of Labor. This success makes the plant on par with the technology industry. Asia Cement holds a record of no major hazard event for the last five years. The severity rate and frequency of occupational hazards are under half the average in the industry during the past three years. This achievement is owing to the insistence of Asia Cement on prioritizing the health and safety of its employee. This year, Asia Cement has excelled in the “leading by example” initiative. It has assisted all plants and subsidiaries in introducing occupational safety and health management system, which is ahead of the standard set by regulation. Moving forward, Asia Cement will launch routine on-the-job training through visits among its subsidiaries and contractors to help promote awareness of safety and reduce the occurrence of occupational hazards in order to further prevent and mitigate hazards and establish occupational safety culture in the company.

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