Microsoft partners use generative AI to help businesses in Taiwan improve operations

Microsoft partners use generative AI to help businesses in Taiwan improve operations

Microsoft Azure OpenAI and Copilot technology, which is powered by artificial intelligence technology, is helping Taiwan-based businesses in multiple industries to improve operations.

“AI technology has the most far-reaching change and impact on the industry, such as the emergence of generative AI supported by massive data, powerful computing power and algorithms,” said Chen Huirong, chief operating officer at Microsoft Taiwan, speaking at the Microsoft Generative AI Practical Forum in June 2023. “Microsoft not only provides the latest technologies and applications, but also serves as the company’s AI companion, assisting companies to take the first critical step, and contributing to global marketing with new business models.”

Telecommunications firm Far EasTone Telecom, for example, is assisting small and medium-sized companies to control their use of AI and transform their online retail services with its generative AI tool Yuanshi Digital. Built with Azure OpenAI technology, Yuanshi Digital helps customers to analyse their data and improve risk management.

Microsoft partners came together at the Microsoft Generative AI Practical Forum to demonstrate how they are using generative AI to improve business processes (Photo Credit: Microsoft Taiwan)

“The generative AI application allows us to respond to future data based on the pretrained framework, which is very suitable for Web3,” said Xie Zhenfeng, general manager of Far EasTone.

“For example, through GPT, an e-commerce website is automatically generated in 10 minutes, and the whole point is sold, and product introduction text is automatically generated, or a personalised product search service is launched. In short, generative AI plays the role of conductor in the Web3 e-commerce world, which can better cooperate with cross-industry and converge customer groups.”

Meanwhile technology firm Shuowang Information is using Azure OpenAI with Microsoft Teams to create an intelligent customer service platform that supports enterprises with multichannel intelligent services, such as customer services and social media management. Plus, Xinya Network’s bizbase.ai product, developed with Azure OpenAI, is enabling organisations to use AI-powered analytics to optimise operations and maximise marketing campaigns.

Microsoft Taiwan is continuing to work with its partner network to launch generative AI applications for businesses working in telecommunications, risk management, marketing and more.

“With the injection of cloud services, generative AI and other technologies, Taiwan’s industry will be promoted in the golden decade of transformation,” said Bian Zhixiang, general manager of Microsoft Taiwan. “At this critical moment, Microsoft will not only launch corresponding products but also actively cooperate with industry partners to help companies lead future changes with disruptive innovation.” 

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