Gogoro  in hands with FET charge ahead with smart traffic signal deployment in Taipei

Gogoro in hands with FET charge ahead with smart traffic signal deployment in Taipei

Gogoro with assistance of FET to roll out smart traffic signals to nearly 200 Taipei intersections by end of 2023

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwanese electric scooter maker and battery-swapping infrastructure provider Gogoro announced last week that it will roll out smart traffic signals to almost 200 of Taipei’s busiest intersections.

Jointly developed with Far EasTone Telecom, the Smart Traffic Signal Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) commercial rollout follows the completion of a successful pilot program in 2022. The Smart Traffic Signal UPS was designed for densely populated cities that need continuously operating traffic intersections even during severe weather, natural disasters, and power grid outages.

The system allows for long-term supplemental energy to traffic signals by using two Gogoro Smart Batteries, which can be swapped out without disruption to maintain signal operation as long as necessary. It is a box-mounted design and can integrate with existing traffic signal boxes.

Smart Traffic Signal UPS has already been deployed to 25 of Taipei’s busiest intersections and is slated to be expanded to almost 200 intersections by the end of 2023.

“We are seeing growing demand for our smart city energy solutions beyond just battery swapping for vehicles. Customers across the region are looking for time-shifted energy for services like our Smart Traffic Signal UPS in Taipei City, our Virtual Power Plant with Enel X or a variety of other unique energy needs,” said Horace Luke (陸學森), founder and CEO of Gogoro.

“We have always believed that time-shifting energy was key to enabling the sustainable transformation, not just for transportation, but across a variety of industries that need to transition from fossil fuels to electric, or for new industries that fossil fuels can’t address,” he said.

“We are utilizing the second life of our Smart Batteries, beyond two-wheel vehicles, to address a variety of these smart city energy needs that are generating new revenue streams,” Luke added.

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By Eric Chang, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

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