FEG won Seven ESG Awards in Taiwan

FEG won Seven ESG Awards in Taiwan

Far Eastern Group (FEG), in this year's  ESG Corporate Sustainability Awards hosted by CW Monthly Magazine, has received a total of 7 prestigious awards, placing it as the top group in Taiwan. Far Eastern New Century (FENC) is the only company to receive dual Prime awards, while Far EasTone Telecommunications (FET) has received three awards. Asia Cement (ACC) and Far Eastern SOGO Department Store (FE SOGO) have each received one award. Chairman Douglas Tong Hsu personally attended the event yesterday (5/3) to receive the awards for FENC in the Traditional Industries Comprehensive Performance category and the Low Carbon Operations category.

FEG's major companies hold leading positions in their respective industries, continuously pursuing growth while prioritizing sustainable development. They actively strive to establish climate resilience, practice social inclusiveness, and implement robust governance, shouldering the responsibility and mission of corporate sustainability. FENC and FET have been honored with the ESG Comprehensive Performance Traditional Industries Award and the Telecom and ICT Industry Model Award, respectively.

FEG is dedicated to creating a green and low-carbon operational model, working wholeheartedly for environmental sustainability. In the environmental dimension, they have received three awards. FENC and FET have won the Low Carbon Operations Award and the Model Award for the Telecom and ICT Industry, respectively. ACC has been recognized with the Model Award in the Environmentally Friendly category.

FENC is a global leader in the circular polyester industry, with over 30 years of experience in recycling. In 2022, its revenue from green products experienced a 20% annual growth. The company has established a comprehensive "Land, Sea, and Air" circular recycling technology, making it the first in Taiwan to obtain approval from the Ministry of Health and Welfare for "recycled PET for food container packaging." 

FET has invested in intelligent site selection for base stations. Through algorithm-based dynamic spectrum adjustment and AI technology, it collects operational parameters and introduces cold air instead of air conditioning. The company has achieved a telecommunications waste recycling rate of 98.5%, leveraging technology to realize a low-carbon and circular communication network.

ACC adopts the advanced and environmentally friendly "inner progressive mining method" by securely transporting the excavated limestone to rehabilitate the mined areas. For each mining stage, the company backfills the native topsoil and plants suitable local tree species, making "nativeness" a key element of sustainable projects. Through regular biodiversity surveys, the results of forest rehabilitation are documented, creating a win-win scenario for the economy and the environment.

With a spirit of innovation and a steadfast approach, FEG combines its core competencies to contribute to building a better society. FET has developed Taiwan's first 5G telemedicine solution, supporting the healthcare Internet of Things and adopting international electronic medical record exchange standards. It has successfully overcome the challenges of integrating services across different systems and organizations in the medical field. The solution has expanded to cover 12 cities and counties and 35 township health centers throughout Taiwan. Recently, it has further developed clinical services such as 5G remote guidance, monitoring and consultation, and video consultations, earning the Social Innovation Group's top award.

FE SOGO has made long-term investments in caring for children and youth. For ten consecutive years, it has organized the "SO GOOD Outstanding Children and Youth Model" event, which is the only special needs award program in the domestic department store industry. By collaborating with stakeholders and continuously building a philanthropic ecosystem, it has been recognized with the Model Award in the Public Welfare Promotion Group.

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