FEG Received 47 ESG Awards for Seven Consecutive Times

FEG Received 47 ESG Awards for Seven Consecutive Times

FEG's remarkable achievement in this year's "TCSA Taiwan Business Sustainability Awards" and "GCSA Global Business Sustainability Awards" is noteworthy, as its 10 companies secured a total of 47 awards. This outstanding recognition marks a new pinnacle for FEG, maintaining its position at the forefront for seven consecutive years and surpassing all other Taiwanese groups. Amid fierce competition involving over 500 companies, FEG's success underscores its innovative spirit and unwavering commitment to forging a sustainable vision characterized by environmental symbiosis and social inclusion. This accomplishment solidifies FEG's leadership in championing sustainability within the business landscape.

With a history spanning over 70 years, FEG has firmly established itself in Taiwan, operating across ten major industries. These diverse sectors include polyester materials, cement and building materials, petrochemical and energy, retail, telecom and technology, finance, transportation, hotels, construction, and philanthropies. In alignment with its commitment to sustainable development, FEG's multifaceted business portfolio is strategically designed to promote governance, environmental stewardship, and socially responsible practices, reflecting a comprehensive approach to sustainable business operations.

Far East New Century (FENC) and Far EasTone Telecommunications (FET) have clinched the prestigious "Taiwan's Top Ten Sustainability Model Enterprises Award," marking the fourth consecutive win for FENC and the sixth recognition for FET. Additionally, Asia Cement Corporation (ACC), Far Eastern Department Stores (FEDS), FE SOGO Department Stores (FE SOGO), and U-Ming Transportation (U-Ming) have been honored with the "Taiwan's Top 100 Sustainability Model Enterprises Award," while Everest Textile (Everest) has secured the distinguished "Taiwan Sustainability Enterprise Excellence Award." These accolades underscore the commitment of these enterprises to sustainability and excellence in their respective industries.

FEG has achieved an outstanding milestone by securing a total of 25 sustainable individual performance awards from TCSA, showcasing its dedication to sustainability. Notably, FET emerged as a leader with 9 awards, the highest among all FEG companies this year. FENC was honored with the Circular Economy Leader Award and secured the first position in the manufacturing and energy industry category. ACC and FE SOGO also received acclaim with the GCSA Best Case Award. Additionally, FEG excelled in sustainability reporting, clinching 12 awards from TCSA and GCSA. FENC and ACC particularly stood out, securing the top two positions in the traditional manufacturing category for their comprehensive ESG information disclosure, earning recognition from the judges. This collective achievement reinforces FEG's commitment to excellence in sustainability practices.

In a comprehensive assessment of FEG's sustainable performance, its subsidiaries are leveraging their core capabilities to spearhead low-carbon transformations and devise strategies for sustainable growth. FENC stands as a global leader in the recycled polyester industry, employing a circular economy operational model to enhance low-carbon competitiveness. The company ingeniously converts waste PET bottles, discarded fabrics, and emissions from steel plants into renewable raw materials, producing innovative and eco-friendly products. FENC is actively driving sustainability through financial initiatives, pioneering as the first company globally to simultaneously issue four types of sustainable development bonds listed in the International Capital Market Association's sustainable development bond database. This achievement marks a significant milestone in the internationalization of Taiwan's sustainable finance.

On the other hand, FET is championing sustainability through the deployment of 5G core technologies, including big data, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things. The company is creating impactful solutions such as 5G remote diagnosis and treatment, while also extending network resources to rural areas in Taiwan, effectively narrowing the digital divide between urban and rural regions. FET's commitment to scientific innovation is amplifying its corporate influence, showcasing its technological prowess in contributing to a sustainable future.

ACC is strategically harnessing the high-temperature capabilities of cement rotary kilns to significantly reduce the consumption of natural resources. Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability, ACC has successfully met scientifically derived reduction targets for three consecutive years, positioning itself as the preferred partner for those seeking a sustainable and environmentally friendly home.

FEDS, on the other hand, has embraced innovation and transformation by introducing unique shopping mall concepts, continuously enhancing profitability. This commitment to excellence is evident in the company's eight consecutive wins of the "Innovation and Growth Leadership Award."

Furthermore, as the first department store in the Asia-Pacific region to join the EP100 international initiative, FE SOGO is leveraging its influential channels to lead supplier businesses toward sustainability. The introduction of the SOGO Sustain sustainable supplier selection system, establishment of a supplier carbon reduction alliance, and collaboration with brands and suppliers underscore FE SOGO's dedication to achieving net-zero emissions.

U-Ming is actively contributing to low-carbon transportation by collaborating with supply chain partners to develop LNG dual-fuel ships. As the first shipping company in Taiwan to use low-carbon fuels, U-Ming is pioneering sustainable practices in the maritime industry.

Oriental Union Chemical Corporation (OUCC) is at the forefront of sustainability, specializing in the production of carbon capture solvents that aid customers in carbon capture initiatives. OUCC is actively involved in the development of green technologies and products, paving the way for a sustainable business model.

Everest Textile adopts a cradle-to-cradle philosophy as its core concept, prioritizing ecological and environmental design. The company is dedicated to developing green manufacturing processes and actively creates a diverse range of sustainable, high-performance fabrics.

Far Eastern Commercial Bank (FEIB) is making significant strides in sustainability through various plans and actions. As the first bank in Taiwan, FEIB is producing uniforms made entirely from environmentally friendly materials. Moreover, the bank collaborates with charitable organizations, encouraging its customers to support and care for disadvantaged groups within society. FEIB's commitment to sustainability extends beyond banking operations, embracing a holistic approach to contribute positively to both the environment and the community.

Within the realm of workplace dynamics, FEG places a paramount emphasis on workplace safety, the well-being of employees, and fostering talent development. FENC demonstrates its commitment to occupational safety and health by investing in intelligent management systems. The company also prioritizes talent development, with a focus on cultivating skills aligned with the principles of sustainability, digital proficiency, and international competence. This initiative is complemented by the creation of an active learning culture.

In tandem, FET is dedicated to establishing a workplace that is both healthy and friendly. Guided by the six core values of "Happiness, Caring, Concentricity, Heartfeltness, Care, and Attention," the company strives to create an environment that is conducive to employee well-being. Furthermore, FET is actively engaged in the development of professional talents within the information and communications industry, aligning with its commitment to creating a skilled and motivated workforce.

ACC has achieved a notable milestone by maintaining a record of no major occupational accidents for six consecutive years. The company has actively propagated a safety culture throughout its value chain and among contractors, establishing a comprehensive safety protection network.

With a workforce where more than 60% are female, FEDS is dedicated to creating an equal, diverse, and inclusive workplace environment. The company goes beyond this commitment by initiating employee health promotion programs, achieving recognition from over 85% of its employees for these efforts.

FE SOGO, in a demonstration of its commitment to employee well-being, has implemented a 4% salary increase for two consecutive years. This reflects the company's dedication to fostering a corporate culture that values occupational safety, health, and encourages healthy lifestyle habits.

Far Eastern Memorial Hospital has taken proactive measures to enhance safety and health in the workplace. The hospital has implemented its own reporting system for abnormal safety and health incidents, fostering a prevention-oriented culture. The workplace environment is characterized by principles of safety, dignity, non-discrimination, mutual respect, tolerance, and equal opportunities.

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