FEPH, Taipei and Tainan Got Three Golden, One Silver and One Bronze Medal In The Cake Competition.

FEPH, Taipei and Tainan Got Three Golden, One Silver and One Bronze Medal In The Cake Competition.

Among the works of many top pastry chefs, Far Eastern Plaza Hotel (FEPH), Taipei / Tainan stand out for their delicate taste, beautiful appearance and reasonable price, and are highly praised by the judges, Yann Roumanille, the French dessert chef of Taipei Hotel, won the champion of Creativity category and the second place of Pie and Tart category; The dessert chef of FEPH, Tainan Xu Yuxin won the double champion of Chocolate category and Cake and Roll category and a third prize of Pie and Tart category; The two chefs have made great achievements in three gold medals, one silver medal and one bronze medal, and set a new record in the hotel industry. FEPH has won the most champions among the 54 participating hotels. Welcome to book the award-winning cake and give the best wishes to Mommy. For more information, please contact The Cake Room (02) 2378-8888 to 6867 in Taipei FEPH and The Shop at Tainan FEPH (06) 702-8888.

The French dessert chef of Taipei FEPH Won the Champion with Creativity

Yann Roumanille, the French dessert chef at FEPH, Taipei, is good at transforming French desserts into various creative beautiful cakes. On Mother's day this year, chef Roumanille has presented five different cakes with unique styles. The most special of which is inspired by the world-famous Queen of England Elizabeth II, the "All Mighty Queen" cake, which stands out in the creativity category and won the champion! The honorary gold crown made of white chocolate presents the elegant style of the royal family. It is matched with the elegant red pillow pad. The Earl tea sponge cake and smooth and sweet vanilla mousse are the main body of the cake. The bottom layer is supplemented with crisp butter shortbread to create the tastes pf different flavors. In addition, the chef added his handmade blueberry mousse to balance the sweet and sour taste. Not only the appearance is eye-catching, just like a work of art, but also the taste is stacked layer upon layer, blending with each other, and the elegant aftertaste makes people think again and again. The seven inch "All Mighty Queen" sells for $2880 each with advanced booking for at least 5 days. The "Raspberry Garden – The Raspberry and Fig tart" won the second place in the Pie and Tart category with its crispy skin and refreshing filling, presenting a sweet but non greasy taste. The tart price is NT$1380.

The Dessert Chef of FEPH, Tainan is the King of Double Champions

Xu Yuxin, the dessert chef, who has won many desserts competitions at home and abroad, pays attention to the level of detail in the rich taste of his works. There is a delicate texture hidden in the balance tastes. In addition to seeking creativity and change, he has created many exquisite desserts with strong personal style over the years, which not only has the reputation of "Light of Tainan", but also has the reputation of "Mars of Taiwan Pastry". The two winning works are chocolate "Cho-Cho is with You" which is a multi-layer cake is made from different concentrations of French top Weiss chocolate combination according to its properties. Finally, elegant flowers are decorated on the surface. The price of each six inch cake is NT$1080. The winner of the Cake and Roll category "Can't Put it Down" is the soft, sweet and delicious honey cake with a hint of Bailey's wine aroma, and the addition of Tahiti vanilla custard sauce and French chestnut mon Blanc. The whole cake roll is perfectly finished with fragrant and soft chestnuts, which is highly praised by the judges. The price of each roll is NT$450. Both of the above two cakes are star cakes of The Shop in the hotel. The order has to be made three days in advance due to its complication. Another early summer Limited "Sweet Honey", which won the third place in the Pie and Tart category, uses sweet and sour pie stuffing with crisp crust. The seven inch pie is priced at NT$ 980.

Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei address: 201, Section 2, Dunhua South Road, Da'an District, Taipei www.shangri-la.com/taipei

Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Tainan address: No.89, west section of Daxue Road, Eastern District, Tainan www.shangri-la.com/tainan

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